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How to repair Windows 10 to a wonderful glitter state: recover from trouble, restore, reboot

Windows product key repair does not feel nerve-wrecking at times: high stock and lots are hanging in balance (your Windows settings, your data, your precious time).
The apparent simplicity of the Windows 10 product key interface is entirely in accordance with the power hidden beneath its subtle elegance. You can often, though not always predictable, recovery seems unrecoverable.
Here is a quick guide to how you can restore your Windows system to the fastest bootable state possible and return to whatever you did before all hell was lost.
How you start depends on what unhappiness has occurred to your system (a glance at the log files may give you an idea of ​​the root cause).
Fix the file system while it's still booting
Your first line of defense must always be a fix file system using the Microsoft office 2013 product key chkdsk command line tool available on every system. Do not use a suspicious file system (such as when an application crashes or pauses for a long time whether or not the wheel is spinning). Recording to a file system that can be damaged (eg, outages) can cause some large data loss such as a complex error, so whenever something goes wrong OK, fix the file system before you do anything else.
Performing a file system repair is easy. If your system boots, right-click Windows PowerShell and from the pop-up menu that appears, choose the Start as administrator command. For each ive partition that may need repair, enter this command:
Fixes the file system when it no longer boots
If the system does not boot, you need to find an alternative boot drive to repair the file system. The most convenient is a DVD or flash drive (plugged in via USB), but you may need to be creative (temporarily attaching the drive to another PC as internal drive or external drive may be optional for some users. use).
Step 1. Boot from an alternative
Start from an installation medium like DVD or some other alternative. Insert a USB flash drive into your computer or put the DVD into an optical drive and boot (or reboot) your computer. Follow the instructions on the screen during the boot sequence to boot from a DVD, USB stick or replacement media, or enter the BIOS (if necessary to change the boot priority).
The computer may now restart, but should boot from the repair media you provided in step 1.
Step 2. Confirm the user interface settings
The installation wizard will greet you with the Windows Installer dialog box, asking you to confirm the human language to use and some other settings for the graphical user interface. Continue.
Step 3. Repair, DO NOT install!
The next dialog welcomes you to the "Install now" button; DO NOT CLICK IT! Instead, click the small link in the lower left corner "Repair your computer."
Step 4. Choose an option
On the screen called Select an option, click the button labeled Fix it.
This screen gives you Reset your PC by reinstalling Windows (you can keep your data if you like it) or to enter the Advanced options. Always choose the second one first.
Step 5. Advanced options
On the screen labeled Advanced options, click Comand Prompt.
Step 6. Repair the drive
To repair the file system on disk, enter: chkdsk / f c: and wait for it to complete the disk verification, then repeat for each other disk. This may be enough to boost your system to repair itself on reboot and fix the remaining issues if any. If you want to try this, close the window and reboot.
Step 7. Restore the saved or restored state from a system image
Windows 10 gives you three other worthwhile repair techniques (all three are found in the Advanced options). You can do:
+ restore the system to a previously created restore point (if you are lucky enough to create one);
+ restore system image with system image file
+ start fixing.
But if you do not have a restore point or a system image to restore, and fix the boot failed many times? You can still try some command line magic.

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