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10 characteristics show that Windows 10 for the phone is no longer "outsiders"

Microsoft is showing ongoing efforts to make Windows mobile more competitive with operating systems like Android and iOS.
During the big event that took place at 0 am on January 22, Vietnam has introduced the first Windows Phone 8 successor platform. At this time, Microsoft's mobile operating system Also known as Windows 10. According to updated information, most devices running Windows Phone 8 or 8.1 can get a new Windows update package, though Microsoft says there will be a few devices. unsupported. The possibility that Windows 10 pro product key for mass-market smartphones will be available later this summer.
1. Project Spartan
Project Spartan, Microsoft office 2016 product key new browser project, will also appear on Windows Phone 10. According to what the company introduced, Project Spartan will own a friendly interface, neat and have two bright background color / dark.
2. Action Center
The Action Center feature on Windows 10 will provide the perfect synchronization between mobile devices and PC devices. So you can read alerts on any of your devices running on this platform.
3. New Settings menu
New Settings menu is neatly designed and highly consistent with the setting mode of Windows 10 product key operating system for PC.
4. Fast switching between SMS and other instant messaging applications (including Skype)
5. Universal Apps Application Model (starting with MS Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
Support wireless printing for MS Office in Windows 10 
7. New Outlook application
8. Calendar application with Metro interface
9. New Photos app
10. Music application integrated with OneDrive allows users to store music data simply by means of cloud computing.

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