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This is a useful feature that exists in Windows 10 product key but now officially works with another name.
When Windows 10 product key is released to the public, there are many features that are not stable or not yet complete, and Quiet Hours is one of those features.
Basically, Quiet Hours is seen as an improved version of Windows 10's Do Not Disturb but now allows users to customize. In fact, Quiet Hours has now been renamed Focus Assist and added some new tricks.
Focus Assist has not appeared on the stable release channel of Windows 10, but only on Windows 10 Insider Build 17083. There is no official time when this feature is released to other users but will likely. is part of a major Windows 10 update in the first half of 2018.
To customize your break time, open the Settings app, switch to System, and you'll see a new tab called Focus Assist that offers three modes: Off, Priority Only, and Alarms Only.
Off is off, and Alarms Only is basically on, with nothing but an alarm tone when it is triggered. Priority Only mode is something that you can look at more closely. It allows you to enable Quiet Hours / Focus Assist but adds exceptions where notifications can be displayed on the screen during those hours.
You can manually enable Focus Assist from the Action Center, but you can also schedule when to enable this feature from the same control panel.
Scroll down and you will see Automatic Rules to configure the Focus Assist. The these times times rule allows you to set Quiet Hours ie when Focus Assist is automatically turned on. You can also enable the option for Focus Assist to operate when doubling the screen or playing games.
Finally, you can turn on Show me a summary of what I missed while the focus was on.
You can quickly enable and disable Focus Assist from the Action Center. The setting icon for Focus Assist in the Action Center is a symbol used for Quiet Hours.
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