William, Thanks for sharing. I had no idea of the differing population. Glad to read about Colorado trip.
Gerrit Wind | Jul 18, 2019
William, Thank you for sharing your 'journey' via Caring Bridge! Very glad to hear about your latest post and it is a very good way to start 2019. Wishing you and Sharon the best and hope to see you in Kerrville for EHCT this year (and on your bike).
Leonard | Jan 17, 2019
You're doing great!!
jonathan buten | Aug 28, 2018
Keep that tougher upper lip. Positive thoughts are with you.
vicki smith | Jul 12, 2018
Dear William, I appreciate this opportunity to give a little to help keep your site running. In today's world, we need to use social media for good causes and I can't think of a better cause than to show support for an outstanding human being!
Lorraine Perez | Jul 10, 2018
From Robin & Greg -- knowing its been a great communications tool for you.
Robin Herskowitz | Jul 9, 2018
Jane and steve ickringill | Jun 25, 2018
Steve and JD | Jun 22, 2018
Shirley Parsley | May 31, 2018
To the Mighty Biker!
Jacque Austin | May 29, 2018