Thoughts & Well Wishes

Todd Meyer and Buyun Lee | May 24, 2018
Dear William, Our thoughts are with you as you go through this challenge. Glad to hear the surgery went well. I know your grit and determination will get you through this, like we have seen you breeze through biking the Miyun Resorvoir loop. Buyun and I just moved back to the US last week and look forward to hearing from you both soon. Take care, our love to you both
Sharyn & Neil Cowley | Apr 24, 2018
Well, rats!!  This is a horrible way to get us to reach out and connect with you. We have been so lax in keeping up with you two. I stalk you on FB of course, but that's not a 2-way form of communication. So, you are obviously going to be front & center in our thoughts. Sounds like you've got a good medical team in your corner & of course Sharon is a great internet investigator to keep abreast & interpret all developments. All our love, Sharyn & Neil
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