Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

Will is really improving and working hard to finish college work. Balance and strength work in PT. Paul went home yesterday. Will is allowed a day pass on Saturday so we are going to watch Atlanta United play soccer at the Benz Stadium. Very exciting! 😁

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

A full day of therapy today. Put through his paces well and truly. Managed all of it well. Will has a chance to sit with the Neuro Psychologist and learn about his CT scans and what they show. Very interesting. We were allowed to take him out to dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill. We saw a celebrity on the way out with her dog! Clue.... the bunny boiler from a very famous film back in the 1980’s. Will had to be educated as it was before he was born. He has had 3 days clear from seizure - God has him x

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

2 days without seizure symptoms!!! Thank you Lord ❤️ Can’t tell you all how positive we feel, especially Will. He has worked out today with therapy and worked hard to fire those brain cells in lots of ways. The meds are working well and his speech is much quicker today. Even his left eye has opened up more. I reckon the swelling is being absorbed quicker than we imagine. It’s incredible how Shepherd Center just take you in the palm of their hands and guide you through the worst and the best of times. We are experiencing Neuro rehab at its very best 🥰 👍🙏

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

A really good day.... Channing and his Mum came this morning then Ryan from Emmanuel Lacrosse Team came this afternoon. Will has been in and out of the heat outside, kicked a ball a little and talked..... a lot 😁. Hoping and praying that this recovery continues and his future plans are back on track. 🙏❤️👍

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

Unexpected visitors brought smiles to all of us. Will has improved through the day and I am hopeful that the seizures will be controlled. I have absolute faith in his recovery but nothing comes easily in this situation. Motivation, perseverance and faith are essential. 👍🙏😊

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

After a difficult few days there has been some good news. CT scan today shows an improvement in the swelling. Initially it was an 8mm midline shift in the brain. It has now reduced to 6mm. Such a relief as surgery is now less likely. The seizure medications have been increased a little as there have been some transient problems with speech. The Doctor has explained that they can see a small focal area of hyper active brain cells which need to calm down. Once controlled he will feel and speak more like his usual self. They want to keep him here for longer to ensure he recovers fully and to support him in completing his academic work. Their out-patient program is high intensity daily input of 5-6 hours. We are desperate to return home but we know that this is the best decision. The surgical scar is healing up really well and Will has been managing his therapy sessions all day today. Keep Will in your prayers everyone and thank you all for your continued support 🙏👍🥰

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

Today started badly. Will didn’t feel well at all with stomach cramps and very tired. Speech has improved during the afternoon and petting dogs and hanging out with Coaches Scott and Stevo has really helped. The EEG this morning has not yet been reported on but Shepherd want to fine tune the medication in line with increased activity to make sure Will can remain stable whilst take part in every day life and activities. So blessed to see him smile and talk. We have a lot of phone calls to make tomorrow to our family who can’t wait to speak to him again xx

Journal entry by Audrey Borchers

Hey all. Amanda encouraged me to write a post it’s been a long time since I’ve written. I had a good visit with Will this evening. He is a bit frustrated at times because he can’t find the right words but he’s doing better.  From 4pm to 8pm we saw a big improvement in his speech and ability to find words. Praising the Lord for the improvement. We spent some time praying but we are asking for everyone to please pray that they figure out what’s causing the seizures. Thankful for all of you who follow Will’s progress he’s such a fighter and he’s thankful for all of you.

Please get all the prayer chains going. 

Journal entry by Deborah Millier

For those who may not know about yesterday’s update, Will’s first CT scan showed a 10mm displacement. Thankfully by late afternoon that had reduced to only 1mm. That has not changed since last night. Please keep praying for the swelling to completely dissipate so further recovery can occur. 
William’s Story

Site created on April 1, 2019

Early on Sunday morning, March 31st, Will was involved in a car accident. As a result he sustained severe and life-threatening injuries. Surgeons were able to repair internal injuries to his liver and spleen. In order to deal with his head injury, a section of his skull was removed to reduce pressure on the brain. His brain trauma is serious, and his recovery will take time.

We are using this page to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement and will share these with Will in time.