Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

Hello friends! We have had a little rest and break from the journal but much has happened. Will has been assessed by the Acute Brain Injury Team here in Lancaster UK. They are giving support whilst he is back in the UK. He has been playing golf, snooker and running with me, the dog and other running buddies. His friend Josh Earl came to visit. Will and Josh played together at Preston North End. Josh plays with the first team now. Will chose higher education and America. So nice to see them sharing stories. Luke Jones is staying with us now. For those who don’t know, Luke plays soccer at college in America with Will. It’s great to see him! We have had a lovely time so far and the sun has shined. We have connected with our USA family the Borchers over FaceTime. They are never far away with technology. Love to all xx

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

Well, we are home safe and sound. Virgin Atlantic were really kind and upgraded us to Premium Class. Didn’t help us get much sleep though unfortunately! Very nice though all the same. Will has been bombarded with visiting friends and has been playing golf already. The sun is shining here and is 25 degrees at least! That’s 85 for y’all over the pond. So good to be home and the dog has gone bonkers to see us! I’ll keep up with the posts and Will and I will be back by August 1st to get him settled into Emmanuel again. Much love to all xx

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

Lots of laughs today and congratulations. John and Will said their goodbyes and we all shed a tear with Paul (he wears fluorescent yellow so well). Our chauffeur  Cliff has been amazing running us to and fro every day. What a guy! Will made a final trip to “the A Team” on the ABI unit. Jen, Miranda, Jeanice and Lydia had shaped his rehab from the ward level. The Pathways Team took over and raised the bar several times to the point today where they said that there was only bits to do to make him whole. Over to England now for 5 weeks. Here we come!!! 😍✈️xx

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

Will blasted his coordination test with 91/100!! Way above anything they have known. He graduated today from Shepherd “in the face of adversity and personal pain” to walk away a better and stronger young man. The therapists deserve awards for their work and the friends made along the way have been incredible. Each with their own personal mountain to climb. Will and Alex were in the same group together and bounced off each other really well being the same age. ❤️

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

Will hung out with Savannah, his friend and former ICU nurse. Jez visited again and Pastor Tracy with Nate. It has been a nice relaxing weekend apart from fire alarms and a monumental thunder storm which is like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life. I hope we make it out of Atlanta I’m one piece!! 😁🙏

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

Will has been put through his paces today by PT Chris. He’s been out for lunch with his group and we have visitors this evening and going out for dinner. Busy day! Managed to get some shopping for Hattie today. She deserves some treats for being so good whilst we’ve been away. More later.... ❤️

Journal entry by Will Fraser-Gray

Hi guys, it’s Will! I have been added as an author and apologies for the lack of posts yesterday! As Chris left on Monday and Mum’s flight gets in tonight, no authors were present and so you have me unfortunately...! Yesterday I had a good day of therapy and when Dad and I got home we went for dinner with Tim (man in the shirt), the paramedic who got to the scene of the accident 1st, and so ultimately saved my life! That was nice, to pick his brains about the night that changed my life. Home time next Tuesday, so time to start saying my goodbyes to the people that have become my good friends, we’ve pulled each other through the most difficult time of our lives and I love every single one of them - the man in the orange is Paul, a man who’s been a real gent in supporting and encouraging me and I’ve done the same to him, and standout man who I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with - he said he’s going to come to my comeback match for Emmanuel in August 2020!

Journal entry by Deborah Millier

For those who may not know about yesterday’s update, Will’s first CT scan showed a 10mm displacement. Thankfully by late afternoon that had reduced to only 1mm. That has not changed since last night. Please keep praying for the swelling to completely dissipate so further recovery can occur. 
William’s Story

Site created on April 1, 2019

Early on Sunday morning, March 31st, Will was involved in a car accident. As a result he sustained severe and life-threatening injuries. Surgeons were able to repair internal injuries to his liver and spleen. In order to deal with his head injury, a section of his skull was removed to reduce pressure on the brain. His brain trauma is serious, and his recovery will take time.

We are using this page to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement and will share these with Will in time.