Journal entry by Deborah Millier

For those who may not know about yesterday’s update, Will’s first CT scan showed a 10mm displacement. Thankfully by late afternoon that had reduced to only 1mm. That has not changed since last night. Please keep praying for the swelling to completely dissipate so further recovery can occur. 
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Journal entry by Audrey Borchers

Amanda and Paul have arrived. They have had a chance to visit with Will and a lot of the players as well. Amanda will be on her giving updates soon.

We did receive news that the bilateral shift in Will’s brain is now back to normal. He opened his eyes when his parents came in and moved his left leg. 

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

We are staying at the hospital in one of the guest houses. Lovely kind hospital staff. Neuro Surgeon Dr Woodall is happy with his progress. Swelling on brain is going down steadily and blood drain now out. Surgeon wants sedation off today at some point to see how Will responds. Having said that, Will was reaching for the surgeons hand when pinched on the chest. Good sign - fighting back! Xx

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

We have had a tiring but hopeful day. Sedation stopped periodically and Will showed us all his full strength! All 4 limbs moving after a little help from me on the Right side. Sometimes settled when woken but mostly battling with us which is expected given the swelling on the brain. So happy that he is fighting us though. Scott has sat with him to allow us a little time out. He’s played Christian rock music which has calmed Will down. He has diverse music taste. Our thanks to all at home for holding the fort xx Our thanks to all our American Team and Piedmont Athens for their first class medical and customer service. Second to none xxx

Journal entry by Amanda Fraser-Gray

We were back to Shepherd again on Friday. Great feedback from his testing. With some adjustments he should manage college just fine. Glad we got to see most of the staff who cared for Will. The soccer team have been busy training and Will has been joining in with quite a lot of it. He has protective head gear!! We went to church today with the Borchers family and Will, Jez and Channing all cane too. So much to thank God for! Naturally, we had to have lunch at North Georgia BBQ at Helen. Yum! Xx
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William’s Story

Site created on April 1, 2019

Early on Sunday morning, March 31st, Will was involved in a car accident. As a result he sustained severe and life-threatening injuries. Surgeons were able to repair internal injuries to his liver and spleen. In order to deal with his head injury, a section of his skull was removed to reduce pressure on the brain. His brain trauma is serious, and his recovery will take time.

We are using this page to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement and will share these with Will in time.