Journal entry by Whitney Mayer

So last Friday Tytan and I were able to both come home, the SAME day! God continues to do the things we ask during this journey ! What’s more crazy is we both came home when I turned 36 weeks which is when I would have been having him!!!! I often ask myself how I could be angry during any of this that it “ happened  to me” because His timing continues to work out rather perfectly! ❤️
My week home so far has been amazing. I have enjoyed my kids, enjoyed cooking , cleaning, playing, all the normal stuff before I took for granted ! Oh how I missed normalcy... I drove for the first time in two months and it felt soooo good. The boys have made some requests on meals while I have been home and I have enjoyed cooking them for them ! Blake has loved helping me as she always did before, she loves  to get ready with me and put her pretties on❤️ She is quite he little mama Andrea oh my is soooo sweet to her baby brother, she has accepted his name and that we didn’t name him BOBBI like she wanted LOL ...Tytan continues to amaze us with his daily strength and when we left the hospital Friday he weighed 4 #15oz and by Monday was up to 5 lb 4 oz!it was rather funny when we went to the doc appt a girl came up to me and asked how my sister was doing? I was like which sis and she looked at me like well your sis Whitney ha.... needless to say she apologized 20 times when I said I AM Whitney, I think I almost freaked her out with my wig on, she swore I was Shaeleigh! I took it as a compliment ❤️❤️ The doc said Tytan looks amazing and is doing so well he will go back Tuesday for an appt in KC 🙏🙏🙏 we saw Dr Milner new doc at Wamego clinic and OH MY she is great !!!!! I am daily in awe of the miracle of a child and how God makes them so so perfect ! I could sit and hold him all day long he is rather snuggly! I have loved giving him baths ( daily) for those who know me I am a freak about bathing so it’s been fun to feel” just normal !”  Blake has been on cloud nine loving  me home when we took Tytan to the doc she came along of course but she was so worried that we weren’t coming home her little innocence will melt your heart . She has has gotten used to me at home with OUT Hair and tells me “ it’s okay cause you still my mommy “ it’s enough to make you melt into pieces because I don’t have a port right now she thinks I am not sick anymore and what is so hard to explain is my body is technically remission, but I have to do more Chemo  and transplant to ensure the cancer doesn’t come back .The upcoming Chemo they say is the worst one the only good part is I will be able to have more preventative drugs to help with side affects since I am not pregnant . I go from 75 percent relapse to 20 percent with transplant ! The one thing about going back is I do love the nurses and I have leaned on them to help me through this as well ... cause it’s so hard 😥 the thought of missing the first day of school for the boys as well as their entire football season and the new ness of school sports for Treytan and Freshman year koltan makes me so sad , but they continue to be strong and say “MOM it’s one season to have you around forever ! “As well missing out on Blake just growing so fast , it’s just emotionally SOOO hard ! I am so thankful for Shaeleigh and Chelsie watching Blake and exposing her to other kids and helping with her as well as Cathy ! And all of my family helping with her, she is loving the time with cousins and family and continues to have an amazing personality that shines bright!  I miss work , I miss hair :) ( no punt inteneted LOL ) but I miss all of you more than you know ❤️
The weeks ahead begin the craziness of appts but I still get til the 17 th “ home,” one of my friends told  me to not keep focusing on that so that my time at home is less fun! So I am trying to not think about the weeks to come so I live in the moment. 
This next week I go Monday for bone marrow biopsy, I will also have a spinal done and an echo and chest x Ray blood work the works before transplant ! The spinal is to make sure there is NO leukemic cells in my spine , I do not show signs of this but they have to make sure ! If I were to have cancer there they would inject Chemo directly into my spine. All the other tests make sure my body is healthy enough to again be blasted back to zero for blood count and then injected with my new cells ! On Tuesday we go to class for the transplant and a ton of my family will attend as well to understand the caregiver side of things. I will also undergo more testing, Tytan has an appt that day as well so anxious to see his weight gain! That boy loves to eat ! I then go back July 10th for my new port to be put in my chest wall , then again the 11 th to have trial Chemo done, access my port , and sign consent for the transplant. I will get to enjoy my brothers wedding that Friday , also my nephews graduation and birthday party , and that Sunday we are doing Blake and her cousins party ! As a family we will celebrated her birthday that Monday so that she doesn’t realize I will be missing her actual birthday ❤️ I have to return to KC July 17 th. I will start an intense chemo regimen that will begin as outpatient for 5 days which during this time I am not allowed to see my kids at all due to the help coming through my clothes, I will then be admitted the 22nd to the hospital .. as of now they are saying transplant to be 25 th of July ! I will have to be in hospital 30 days after transplant for my counts to recover and see how my body takes the new cells and the new me !!! After I am discharged we will be staying at an air B.B. or an apt, ( for 70 more days) hoping to get that set in stone soon as to where we will be staying :) My two sisters Brooke and Erin will be my main caregivers through the week while others will rotate the weekends! My family continues to provide and take care of me, use their vacation time and all they can do to make sure I am taken care of ! .I am so so thankful grateful and feel beyond blessed ❤️ I have enjoyed each of them  and our one on one time, I texted a few siblings back and forth  and we are all like dang I miss you cause I was getting lots of one on one time. During this stay I have had a doc tell me Tytan could be with me some say he can limited ... we will see but one doc told me when you get the answer you like quit asking :) so I am going with that and will continue to pray God sees me though this too as well ❤️  My mother in law will watch Tytan as well as Erin and Brooke some during the 30 Days this way he will avoid daycare cause they have made it so clear that if he does I can have him , if he stays home and less exposure he stays “more sterile “ ... my father in law and mother’s in law have helped us a ton get stuff done around here before I go back be honest I am dreading all of the upcoming Appointments , going back to the hospital I am nervous about transplant, they say it’s a hard fight, I have so many emotions but for now I am trying to take each day as a new days embrace it love it and hang with my kids “ like normal “.... 
And then there’s is all of you who continue to support my family , pray for us , send us inspiration and much much more. The ways people have provided for us we will never be able to say thank You enough! Concrete Cares is also an organization that continues to help our family by fighting cancer one yard at a time ❤️❤️ I will say it’s taken a huge burden off Keith and I and we appreciate it more than you will ever know ! Pulling into Wamego I almost got butterflies I was so excited and proud to be from such an amazing community ! BOOMTOWN PROUD ❤️❤️ Not having to miss Wamegos fireworks also was a part of God’s plan I promise you that !!!! Wamego has the best fireworks in the states I swear, thanks to our Pyrocrew and Chris Hupe and his father, it seriously something everyone must see ❤️❤️
As always please continue to pray for all of us that we can enjoy my time home yet be able to say goodbye for awhile ! My mental state I will need your prayers so much leaving all four kids and hubby.... it’s going to be tough I continue to tell myself , I can and WILL fight this and I am blessed I have two matches for bone marrow ... I have support I cannot imagine doing without and as my fav Dr Yacoub would say I have a cancer that has a cure it’s just getting there and fighting like heck to get there, the prayers are working He is listening and we love you all and God for that ! When I feel weak, you all will be my strength !! Love you ❤️❤️Whitney
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