Journal entry by kayla Burggraff

Friends, as stated before you are all welcome to sing "Amazing Grace" during the service this Saturday May 26th, at The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in lakeville MN. 

The pianist will be going over the song in the primary room starting 10:30am. Please be on time. 

Thank you all so much for your love and support. 

-Fernanda Call
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Journal entry by Katelyn Heindel

Friends and family-

There will be a memorial service and luncheon held for Wes on Saturday May 26 at 11:00 am at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints - Lakeville Stake Center (18460 Kachina Ct, Lakeville, MN). The memorial service is open to all those who would like to come and support the Briggs family and celebrate the life of Wes.

Journal entry by Tresea Briggs

We are heartbroken today because our sweet, kind, goofy, loveable, super strong Wesley passed away yesterday afternoon.  He was surrounded by so many who loved him beyond measure, including his constant companion Samson.

Thank you all for your loving, prayers, words, gestures and thoughts this last week.  Your kindness has been a gift to those who love him so dearly.  The amount of love and kindness that has been so readily shared with this family is a comfort that is so needed at this time.

A memorial service is being planned for this coming Saturday in Lakeville, MN. Details will be posted later today.


Journal entry by Tresea Briggs

We would like to thank all of you who have been sending your prayers, love and comforting thoughts to Wes and our family.  We are so grateful for the love and compassion that we have witnessed during this time.  It is very healing for us to read your kind words and to know that you all are out there praying for him, for his caretakers, and us and sending your love and healing thoughts his way.

Update on his condition:

Wes’s condition remains essentially the same at this time.  His brain swelling fluctuates a little up and down, but it is trending very slowly downward.  We have been told that this stage is very unpredictable, but that we should see him continuing to trend downward with his pressures.  Once the pressure in his brain subsides enough, they will begin very slowly (days) bringing him out of the medically induced coma.  This process could take a week, it could take several weeks.  His vitals will dictate how slowly or quickly this process will take.

All of his broken bones have been tended to and are healing.  He suffered broken ribs, on his Left side; arm, leg & knee in several places. Right side; collar bone, knee break and ankle fracture. He has broken bones on his face that will need to be repaired once the situation with his brain is under control.

How to help:

We have had many people wondering about how they could help.  We are very fortunate that Wesley was covered completely as far as insurance.  He has health and disability insurance and full coverage auto insurance, so we are not in need of financial help at this time. We have a large, loving network of family, church family, and friends, so our day to day needs are being well taken care of.  

What we need most right now is to feel something good has come of this situation. We would love to hear that you have done something kind in his name. Wesley required a large amount of blood, around 50 units, when he arrived here at the hospital.  We would like very much if any one who is willing would consider donating blood.  Having something like this happen has brought the need for blood donors in to clear focus for us and we feel that it would be a beautiful gesture if you would consider doing that.  We would also love if his suffering could somehow inspire random acts of kindness, such as donating to someone who truly needs help, saying a kind word to a stranger, offering a kind gesture to someone you do not know, reaching out in to this world with love and kindness as you think about how Wes would truly touch our hearts and souls. We would love to hear how you have been inspired.  Even the smallest kindness in his name will lift him and us up. 
These things and your continued prayers and love are what we need most right now.

Please share with us on caring bridge if you donate blood, or perform kind acts as we would love to keep a record of the good that has come from this to show to Wesley one day not too far in the future.




Journal entry by kayla Burggraff

Wes had surgery this morning to have some of his wounds and broken bone areas cleaned up. 

Due to the swelling of his brain he was put in a medically induced coma. This has helped A LOT his brain swelling has come down significantly, but is still not ideal. Please continue to pray for him and all the amazing doctors. 

Wes will continue to be in a medically induced coma for several days. 

Meals have been provided for his family. 

I will be picking up his dog Sam this afternoon. We have plenty of space and live close to the briggs. Anyone who would like to visit Sam or help us take him on walks is more than welcome to. Please message me at 6122957225. 

Please remember that wes is not able to receive visitors at the moment. 

Thank you all!

-Fernanda Pena Call

Journal entry by kayla Burggraff

Friends, later today we will be adding information about how YOU can help wes and his family. 

We would also like to remind everyone that only immediate family can see wes until further notice. 

The family has asked that any messages or notes are sent to their home. They are trying to keep their phones available to have urgent contact with out of state family. 

Thank you all again for your support and love. 

-Fernanda Pena Call 

Journal entry by kayla Burggraff

Accident information: On Tuesday, May 15th around 4:00 pm, our dear friend Wesley Briggs was involved in a two vehicle accident with a state trooper. He was most likely on his way to donate plasma.  While driving North in the right lane of Interstate 35w, for unkmown reasons, Wes's car veered off the freeway, onto the grass, and through the chainlinked fence separating the highway from the frontage road on Kendrick Ave colliding head on with the state trooper Mike Krukowskis's vehicle.  The trooper was driven by ambulance to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike and his family, as he has several broken bones and a long recovery ahead of him. Wes was airlifted to North Memorial Hospital in critical condition and remains there for the present time.

Night of the accident: Wes was rushed to surgery at around 8:15 pm after receiving a prayer in his room from his family’s pastor, Bishop Connor.  He was in surgery for approximately five hours.

The injuries: Wes’s body has many broken bones and his body has experienced a lot of trauma. The fractures severed the main vein on his left lower extremity that was able to be reconnected during surgery. The first round of surgeries were to stabilize Wes's most obvious injuries. Currently, the doctors haven’t found any signs of injury to his spine. Wes lost a lot of blood but was able to begin receiving blood even enroute to the hospital on the helicopter. He was brought up to the ICU where his parents and very close friends were able to see him.

Wednesday: Throughout the night Wes’s body began to compensate for the injuries. Swelling was observed in several parts of his body.  Early on Wednesday morning, he endured another surgery in which the doctors removed part of his skull to allow room for his brain to swell, in attempts to reduce the pressure exerted on the brain.  This is our greatest concern.

The day was long and we all prayed for Wes’s brain to calm.  By 7:30 pm, Wes’s eyes were opening slightly and he had moved his shoulder. He was eventually put under general anesthesia to further surpress stimulation to his brain. His room is being kept dark and closed to prevent stimulation. The family has asked that any thoughts or notes are sent to their home. They would appreciate if no more visitors came to see him until he is at least out of intensive care.
As of the morning of Thursday, May 17th we have no additional information, but we will keep updating.

-Fernanda Pena Call

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