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May 4, 2021

Message from Marnie:

I know it has felt like forever since an update, but things have been in a rhythm and there has not been much to report. 

After nine cycles (months) of chemo Wayne is doing well, feels good, and still goes walking daily. His lab work is good and side effects have been minimal.

Last month he talked by phone to a transplant doctor at OHSU and he will visit in person with a second doctor on May 12. The Kaiser oncology board has already approved him for a stem cell transplant, so if this second doctor agrees and Wayne passes all the physical tests (heart, lungs, bone marrow biopsy, labs) he will most likely have his stem cells withdrawn in late May or early June, followed soon after by re-infusion of those cells and 2 weeks of isolation at OHSU as his immune system recovers.

Thank you for caring about us. We are so grateful for your prayers and support. Our kids, your friendship, and God’s presence are giving us strength for each new day. 

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  • Marlene Horman : Bittersweet... getting better and moving to a new phase in treatment! We are praying God’s leading on this amazing journey ❤️‼️
  • Sara Herman : We love you two very much! Thank you for keeping all of us aware of how Wayne & you are🥰
  • Maureen Meier : Thank you for the update, Marnie. You and Wayne are ever in our prayers.