John Chalmers|Apr 27, 2019
I'm sorry, but I will be unable to attend Vonda's memorial on June 9th. Thank you, Jane , for organizing and scheduling it.
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Kat Kimbriel|Apr 25, 2019
Thank you, Jane. I am trapped in this treatment and cannot fly or drive halfway across the country yet, so I don't expect to make the event. But I will be thinking of you all together.
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Sara Stamey|Apr 24, 2019
Thanks, Jane, for all you've done for Vonda! I hope to be there.
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Sally Beasley|Apr 23, 2019
Thank you. I cannot be there (Australia is a long way away), but I will think of Vonda on that day.
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donna j wagner|Apr 23, 2019
thanks, jane, for everything, and for letting us know
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Rachel Blackman|Apr 23, 2019
Thank you so much for scheduling this, Jane.
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