Menzo Faassen|Apr 7, 2019
When I was in Junior High School back in the 1980s I wrote to Vonda as part of an assignment for my English class. I had read her book Enterprise The First Adventure. I had never written an author before and didn't really expect a response. But, I got a very nice postcard response from her (I still have the postcard). I was honored that she took the time to write a personal response to my letter.
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Tanya Avakian|Apr 5, 2019
Ages and ages and ages ago, when I was a teenager, I believe I wrote at least one poem inspired by Vonda's work. If so it might be somewhere in my papers but no idea where it is. It was lousy, anyway.

I'll keep this in mind and if I come up with something slightly more mature, you'll have it. Thank you for doing this. Tanya
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Alma Alexander|Apr 4, 2019
I just watched this time-lapse of the lifespan of the universe, watching the glowing nebulae that are the death veils of stars and the nurseries of new ones. And it occurs to me that Vonda was one of the brightest stars. She's a nebula now, and in her cloud of light new stars will, in time, be formed, be born. But she... she is the light that remains.
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