Katharine Kroeber|Apr 3, 2019
Sad to see her go, but glad she was so much herself to the very last, and surrounded by so many wonderful people.
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Dena A M Norton|Apr 1, 2019
Much love to Vonda and all who care for her. Go with an open heart.
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Rachel Blackman|Apr 1, 2019 (edited)
Vonda's friendship and guidance over the past fifteen years has meant more to me than I think I ever was able to properly express to her. I'm holding her in the light—and in my thoughts. But even with a peaceful and quiet end, I think the world's going to be just a little poorer and a little colder without her presence.
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Roberta Slocumb|Apr 1, 2019 (edited)
I wish Vonda peace on her final journey. She wrote Star Trek books that meant a lot to me when I read them in high school. I know her work means a lot to many. Thanks to all of you there who are watching over her.
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Kris Mayer|Apr 1, 2019
Holding all of you in the light.
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Jennifer Roberson|Apr 1, 2019
My love to all, though you may not know me.
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cynthia felice|Apr 1, 2019
I am greatful for all of you who are there to hold Vonda's hand. You shall feel her last touch, faint as a whisper, then she'll move on by herself. Love to all.
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donna j wagner|Apr 1, 2019
sending you light to hold you in love <3
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Alma Alexander|Apr 1, 2019
Thank you all for making what is inevitable come with dignity and grace. And I'm holding Vonda in the light.
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Linda Nagata|Apr 1, 2019
We love you, Vonda. And I'm so glad to know you were able to finish Curve of the World. Thank you so much to everyone caring for Vonda and keeping her company.
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