Lisa Tuttle|Apr 1, 2019
Love and long-distance hugs to Vonda . And thank you Jeanne and Jane for the updates.
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Stephanie Smith|Apr 1, 2019
Gratitude for everything đź’”
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Sally Beasley|Apr 1, 2019
I too would like to donate to some cause Vonda supports, or has supported. I don't know whether the ACLU would accept donations from Australia, though.

Thank you for keeping us up to date.
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Andrew Porter|Mar 31, 2019
I've been sending these updates out to FictionMags, and to more than 50 news blogs and individuals.

Thank you, Jeanne and Jane, for keeping the scientifictional universe abreast of Vonda's slowly contracting world...
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Alma Alexander|Mar 31, 2019
Thank you. I receive these updates with gratitude and sorrow.
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Pat Murphy|Mar 31, 2019
So good to know that she is still joking and enjoying the company of friends. Thank you for letting us all know what's going on. It helps.
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Jane Lindskold|Mar 31, 2019
Thank you for all these posts. They're really hard to do, I'm sure. Please give Vonda Jim and my best...
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Julie Coryell|Mar 31, 2019
Vonda, dear, may your humor oxygenate your brain. You continue to nourish all of us around you. With love and encouragement, Julie and Seelye
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donna j wagner|Mar 31, 2019
thanks again for keeping everyone posted, jeanne; it's meant a lot to be able to keep up. please let her know that she's honored, loved, and respected, and her legacy of important works is valued, and will always be with us. 'superluminal' is a book i loan everyone 'new' to scifi/fantasy (and it's always been one of my favorites). hugs for you all
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Julie Phillips|Mar 31, 2019
Dear Jeanne, thank you for letting us know. Please give my warm regards to Vonda. From afar I admire and love her humor, her sea creatures, her fierceness, her reports from Versailles, and her books. I feel lucky to have lived in a world that had her in it.

This silly CaringBridge site keeps asking for donations, but I would be very glad to contribute to any organization Vonda would like, in her very much deserved honor. Does she have any thoughts?
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