Nina Hoffman|Mar 27, 2019
Coming here late and peripherally. I treasure memories of workshopping with Vonda at Evergreen such a long time ago. Thank you to everyone taking care of her. Love you, Vonda. I hope the journey is gentle.
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Neile Graham|Mar 26, 2019
So much love to Vonda and those who are taking care of her and those helping those who are taking care of her. I am overwhelmed when I think how quietly and steadfastly Vonda has given so much to the world and our community--through her powerful writing, through sharing her wisdom, through creating and then supporting Clarion West and its staff and students. She is the best.
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Roby Blecker|Mar 26, 2019
Safe home, Vonda, surrounded by love.
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Jo Fletcher|Mar 26, 2019
Just reiterating everyone's thanks and prayers to Vonda's wonderful caregivers, and sending my own love and thanks to Vonda for the years of pleasure her writing has given me and mine. As Parke Godwin always said, rest you gentle.
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Sally Beasley|Mar 26, 2019
Thank you so much for being there for her, and for keeping us informed.

I'm saddened by the news. But sleep is good.
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Jennifer Roberson|Mar 25, 2019
I wish great strength and thankfulness to the caregivers who are there for Vonda, and of course my thoughts are with Vonda as well. I never knew her well, but we corresponded now and then, as when I asked if she could also sign a bookplate for my mother because I was presenting her with a hardcover copy of The Sun and the Moon for Christmas. One of my favorite novels, and I've always regretted the that the movie was not released. Such an outstanding writer! When the time comes, Vonda, go gently. You will be long remembered.
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Gregory Frost|Mar 25, 2019
Thank you for keeping us all aware, and for everything you're all doing. Much love to Vonda. -g
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Gavin Grant|Mar 25, 2019
Jeanne, thanks for the update and to everyone who is helping Vonda, and allowing us to be kept updated. Kelly was just saying how kind Vonda always is and I was saying how fierce! I am glad she is resting. She is in our thoughts.
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Melanie Fletcher|Mar 25, 2019
All my love to Vonda, and strength to the wonderful people who are caring for her.
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cynthia felice|Mar 25, 2019
Love to Vonda and to all who are caring for her.
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