Journal entry by Jane Hawkins

My apologies for the delay in updates. Vonda wanted some time to adjust in semi-privacy to news from the past week.

Vonda has been told she has somewhere between two weeks and two months. She's doing well enough right now that she will probably last longer than the short end of this estimate but we aren't seeing much cause for hope she might exceed the long end. 

She has signed up with hospice. The people who have come out this past week all seem smart and kind, and Vonda is pleased with them.

Vonda is, on the whole, fairly comfortable. She gets some pain before her scheduled paracentesis sessions, but she says it isn't bad and goes away as soon as she gets the procedure. She's weak, moves slowly, and sleeps a lot. However, she's alert and engaged when she is awake, and has been enjoying visits from various people. She doesn't eat much, but is still enjoying food and has no nausea issues.

Emotionally, I find her to be in astonishingly good shape. She's still grieving the loss of Ursula and her sister, Carolyn, but she says she's not especially upset about her own situation. She is focused on getting some things down, many of which are fun for her. This stuff could hit harder later but for now she seems calm and accepting.

Vonda is pleased with progress on her book. She said yesterday that while she will continue to work on it, she wouldn't be embarrassed to see it published as is. I am SO SO happy for her!

In closing, I got a little behind on arranging visits this past week and my apologies to some folks who waited too long to hear back.  If you want to visit, please email both me ( and Vonda ( so we can work together on setting up a good time.
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