Erica Ruppert|Mar 13, 2019
Thinking of you, Vonda. I hope you are making good progress on the novel.
Jane, I hope you are well.
heart 2 Hearts Reply
Sara Clifton|Mar 11, 2019
I wanted you to know we're thinking of you.
heart 2 Hearts Reply
Debora Reinert|Mar 7, 2019
Vonda, all your friends at Rainforest are thinking of you tonight. I was at a table with Karen Anderson, Susan Matthews, and her Maggie, and we had a lovely time, chatting about adventures shared.
Sending you love.
heart 2 Hearts Reply
Dvora Mathews|Mar 7, 2019
Vonda, you have been my hero since the day I met you.
heart 3 Hearts Reply
Sally Beasley|Mar 6, 2019
I will hope for the best, and send good wishes for the stent replacement.

I'm glad Vonda is getting to make her own choices.
heart 2 Hearts Reply
Debra Turner|Mar 6, 2019
I am sending you hugs, Vonda. Energy. Comfort. Much love. Every day. With you.

Thank you Jane for straight talk. Arms around you.
heart 3 Hearts Reply
Erica Ruppert|Mar 6, 2019
Thank you, Jane, for keeping us all in the loop.
Much love and best wishes to Vonda.
heart 3 Hearts Reply
Deborah Ross|Mar 6, 2019
Adding my thanks, and my appreciation for your frankness in describing Vonda's prognosis and her choices. I remind myself that these are =her= choices. Another person might make a different one. Vonda has set herself a goal: to finish her book. And we'll be cheering her on every page of the way!
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Ellen Kushner|Mar 6, 2019
Jane, you are the kind of friend all of us hope to have - and to deserve. Thank you for being there for Vonda - and for us.

Please give her my fondest good wishes, and my endless admiration to you both.
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Louise Marley|Mar 6, 2019
Thank you. My heart is aching, and at the same time full of pride for Vonda's wish to finish her book before she makes the great transition. I'm too far away to help much, but my thoughts are with you both.
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