Elizabeth Moon|Feb 26, 2019
Glad she has nearby helpful friends and neighbors--thank you, Jane, for what you're doing, though I'm sorry for the necessity. Vonda and her work have both meant a lot to me. A woman of integrity; a writer of immense talent.
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Astrid Bear|Feb 26, 2019
So good to hear Vonda's had a couple of good and productive days! And, while I was pretty sure she had finances and medical coverage in good order, it's nice to have that confirmed. Thank you for all you are doing, Jane.
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Diane Mapes|Feb 25, 2019
Jane, let me know if there's any research I can do here at Fred Hutch. And please give Vonda my best. I am so sorry she's been diagnosed. Fucking cancer.
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Frank Catalano|Feb 25, 2019
Really appreciate the vital connection role you're serving here, Jane. My very best to Vonda. She became a friend when I moved to Seattle in the 1980s and was, and is, a professional writing inspiration, too.
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Srđan Šrepfler|Feb 25, 2019
Thanks you Vonda! Rooting for you and sending some good vibes.
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Azure Lunatic|Feb 25, 2019
I inherited the science fiction collection of an honorary great-uncle. The Starfarers series was one of the lights that got me through my adolescence. Thank you for writing it.
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Judith Tarr|Feb 25, 2019
Thank you, Jane. She's been much in my thoughts in the past few days.
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Bette Husted|Feb 25, 2019
I'm thinking of you, Vonda, grateful for having met you and for all you have done.
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Louise Marley|Feb 25, 2019
Thank you, Jane. She is in all our thoughts and our hearts. One of our great ones!
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Cat Rambo|Feb 25, 2019
Thank you for keeping us posted, Jane. Much love, Cat
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