Well Wish

By Starshadow — Mar 24, 2019

Vonda, I remember with fondness all of your kindness at Norwescons and V-Cons and Orycons past. Remember the old NWcon-and-a-half? The one in the University Tower hotel, where Ole Kvern had done the artwork for the peel and stick nametags? You took one of them and labeled the recycling bag of cans "Doctor Doctor Pournelle." We were all in stitches. 

I've always loved your writing and I love you, and will miss you. I'm glad you finished your newest book. I hope to come see you before you cross the veil. I hope you'll be greeted by all our friends and my love who's already there. 

I wish I could do more. I'm in Everett now. Said goodbye to too many friends and family in the past few months and years, but it's the price I'm willing to pay for all the love before I join you all. 

All love and hugs. And brightest of blessings. 


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