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Mar 14-20

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Cleveland began his ALZ  journey in 2009 with what appeared to be sincere support and commitment from numerous friends and family members. As the disease progressed the support slowly diminished. However, the few that have remained consistent in our ALZ journey may not have been perfect, because there is so much unknown in this journey; however, what is more has been and is their 100% commitment to both me and Cleveland during this journey.

For those to whom Cleveland’s journey, has become merely a footnote in their lives...that’s ok too. Others of you who initially shared my intentions on caring for him in our home at all costs, evidently committed to more than you are willing to handle and the burden has far exceeded that belief....and that's also is ok.

However, my commitment and dedication has not wavered. Additionally, when he does cross your mind, please read the posts and updates on this site regarding the status of his health...don’t telephone.

I don’t waver on my word...if I commit to you I make every effort to stand firm and honor my commitment....however, when I’m unable to fulfill my commitment, I maintain my integrity at all costs and make you aware that I simply can’t do what I committed to, yet I offer to do what little I can.  We don’t live in a perfect world but we do have the freedom of choice.  Choose honesty, truth and if you can’t keep all of your word stand firm on that part that you can. Oh, updates will not be via telephone...answering meaningless telephone calls is tiring, too much effort, stress and time wasted....especially to those who don’t truly care. Be Blessed

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