Journal entry by Julie Meister

I never dreamed I would have to post this.  They say time heals, well it's sure not happening for this girl.  I'm not sure how any of us are going to get through this, but I know that together we are stronger.  Hugs to each of you

Our dear Vicki's visitation will be at Prosch-Dennis Funeral Home in Waterville on Friday March 15. 
 Following the visitation there will be an informal gathering of friends offering hugs and support at Bullheads Bar and Grill.
The Funeral Services will be Saturday March 16th at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Waseca at 2:00 PM.   There will be lunch served following the service at the Waseca VFW catered by El Molino's.  (Vicki loved her some tacos!) 

If anyone is tech savy and would be willing to help me put together a slide/video show please PM me.

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Journal entry by Julie Meister

I just do not know how to do this......nothing can make it easy, or make it feel right....

Our Vicki is no longer struggling, she put up a good fight, she was so strong and hung on as long as she could! She was surrounded by her loving family and her bestest friend Robin.  She was never left alone.    Our good Lord took her at 4pm today to join His army of Angels and to join her husband Bob. 

My world will never be the same.  It is just so odd how everything just keeps on going, when it feels like "how can it".  Vicki had that very special gift that made you feel like you were her best friend, and you were.  She  had that ability to love, like no one else, she celebrated life and lived it to the fullest.  She never forgot anyone that she met.  She left her impression, a heart print on us all.  

In her and comfort each other!  Love more!  Reach out more!  Be Brave! Strong!  Introduce yourself to a stranger, make a friend! Say "I love you"!   We can never replace her,  we can only try to learn from her the life lessons she lived by.  The exact same lessons Jesus taught.

I am so sorry for your pain and your loss.  The Family is so grateful for your thoughts and prayers, your well wishes and the joy you gave to Vicki in this life.

I will post the arrangements as soon as I know them.

Journal entry by Julie Meister

We continue to sit with Vicki as we have transitioned her to a more comfortable, quiet room.  I will update everyone as soon as I have news, but the family is respectfully requesting that no visitors come to the hospital.  Know that family is with her around the clock and your love is felt, even from afar.  Thanks, Todd

Journal entry by Julie Meister

 I just received this update from Todd (Vicki's nephew, and confidant)  I have no words for the grief I feel, and the grief, I know, that this news will bring you.  I am so sorry.  My entire heart and soul feels shattered.  The love, strength, well wishes and prayers you all have poured out is such a huge and wonderful tribute to Vicki!
  There is no easy way.....

"It is with a heavy heart that we have to update you on the latest news for Vicki.  The family had a Care Conference with the Physicians and Nurses and they have given us a very poor prognosis.  After more than a week of remaining unconscious, Vicki hasn’t shown the improvements that the Physicians had hoped to see.  Her brain injury is so severe, that they tell us that a best case scenario would mean spending the rest of her life in a nursing home with complete care needs.  The staff here at North Memorial were impressed that she had such a specific Health Care Directive.  Not surprising to any of us, Vicki would never want that for herself.   She was clear and specific about what she would want in these circumstances.  While very difficult, we are sure that we are honoring her wishes by just trying to make her comfortable.  The Nurses will take out her feeding tube and her breathing tube and give her medicine to make sure that she is comfortable.  I’m comforted knowing that the last thing Vicki was aware of was that she was doing something she loved, with people she loved and was living life to the fullest." 

Please continue to show your love and support to Vicki's family, they have been amazing! 

Journal entry by Julie Meister

This one is tough to pass on 😢 I received this from Todd today.

"We have been hoping and praying for days now that Vicki would give us a sign that she’s in there and is going to wake up.  While we aren’t giving up, we are having to face the possibility that this may not happen.  While she is at times, opening her eyes and moving her arms and legs, we are told these movements are merely reflexive and are not done with any real purpose.  She is on minimal medication, mostly to keep her comfortable from having the breathing tube in her throat.  While the staff and her loved ones continue to interact with her and try to get her to give us a thumbs up, she is not following any commands.   The Nurses and Doctors cannot give us any definite answer as to whether she will wake up and we understand that the brain is a mysterious thing.  The difficult part is balancing hope of the unknown with reality of what Vicki is showing us.  In the past, Vicki has verbally and legally expressed her wishes of what her care should be in situations like this and it’s important that we evaluate every angle while keeping her wishes in mind.  It’s important at this very difficult time that our love for Vicki means honoring who she is and what she would want.  Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers."

So hard to read, process and understand.  My heart is crushed.  Please pray fervently for Vicki and her most awesome family and caregivers.  Vic has always been there for me, and probably everyone reading this, she needs us now!  BELIEVE in the power of prayer!!!  I have faith in God's plan for each of us, I don't always understand it, but trust HIS will.  He hears our cry.....We can only ask.  Please Pray.

Journal entry by Julie Meister

Todd sent me this last night, I apologize for not getting it posted then,    "Today is one of those days that you will have with a traumatic brain injury.  Vicki’s nephew Troy stayed with her last night and staff became concerned that Vicki would only look to her left.  This prompted a middle of the night CT scan. Fortunately, this was negative for new bleeding or swelling, but did confirm that the bruising in her brain is starting to show.  That is expected.  Vicki did not respond a lot today, but she continues to breathe on her own with just some support from the ventilator.  Her sister Faye, and Troy are staying with her tonight to keep an eye on her and make sure she knows she’s not alone.  The staff at North have been very kind and compassionate, and we can’t thank them enough for their care and expertise.  Continue to pray for Vicki to become more alert and start to respond to our voices.  We really appreciate all of the support and concern we receive from friends."

Journal entry by Julie Meister

Hi!  Today started out a little uneventful.  Vicki had a bath and got her hair washed and as I watched Todd try to style it.....I just laughed😆 .  I know Vic will too.  She is getting nutrition via a feeding tube now and continues to be on a ventilator but is breathing mostly on her own.  She had not opened her eyes much today nor has she been able to voluntarily move.  There is some concern with left side that they are monitoring.

As I sat talking to her this evening, first, she raised her eyebrow, then several minutes later opened her eyes.  It seemed as if you could see me, but that may be wishful.  She also moved as if she was uncomfortable and made eye contact but with her right eye only.  I pray these are positive steps!!! Todd will be adding a more accurate medical update this evening.

I understand that the next day and a half are very critical for Vicki.  Her medical team needs to see some significant progress to determine the route of care and treatment going forward.  Please Pray hard and keep sending her and her family your strength!😍 

Journal entry by Julie Meister

 We have great news!  It did my heart and soul a world of good, and I know it will yours too!  (all glory to God! her Caregivers and You for your prayers and wishes!)

"Vicki had a pretty busy night.  Her sister Connie sat with her all night, and the staff were in moving her and running tests about every half hour.   Todd got some sleep in the family room but poked in to check once in a while.  She does open her eyes now when we wake her up and will also raise her arms when Connie tells her to.  Little sister has to listen to the boss!!  The repeat head CT showed slight improvement, and most importantly, no new bleeding or swelling.  We are extremely happy that she has no other fractures or injuries to her abdomen to complicate her recovery.  She isn’t on the sedation medicine any more, just some medicine for pain.  They will begin working on weaning her from the ventilator soon.  The first step to the tube coming out is her following commands, so we continue to boss her around when she’s awake.  We’re sure that Vicki appreciates everyone’s thoughts and prayers and we appreciate everyone giving her a little time to rest and heal before having visitors.  Once the breathing tube is out, we can have friends come see and encourage her. "

I will update as soon as I have anything else! 🙏 🙏 🙏 

Journal entry by Julie Meister

With a heavy heart, shaking hands and the grace of God, I will try to share with you what has happened the best I can.  We were up in the Breezy Point area snowmobiling...having a blast! (Because that's what you do with Vicki).  By Sunday the trails were getting pretty beat up, we had decided to call it a day and head back to the condo.  We left Nisswa around 3:30, we came to a longer single lane bridge along Hwy 381, our party started across as 2 other snowmobilers approached from the other side.  Vicki being forever gracious looked like she was moving to the side to allow the on comers to cross 1st.  She scooted over to the left and appeared to get sucked down into the deep snow, she proceeded down the embankment and gained control heading along the hwy.  She traveled the length of the bridge and attempted to scoot up the embankment on the other side to join the others. It was either too steep or too hard or she hit the gas wrong and veered out onto the highway sliding across to the median.  We are not sure what bucked her off her sled, the sled stopped but she flew off and ended on the road.  She did not move.  Her helmet was still on, we rushed to help her and an onlooker rushed to her side as well. I did not get her name, but she was an off duty state trooper with EMT experience (thank you Lord!)  The emergency response was incredibly fast and in abundance! Before they could even get her loaded into the ambulance the helicopter was there.  Vicki was airlifted to North Memorial.

Vicki's Nephew, Todd and Sister, Faye were able to leave Mankato (in the blizzard warnings and road closures) and arrive very quickly.  It was 10:30pm before we were able to make it.  CT scans confirmed a skull fracture with bleeding in the brain but not a lot of swelling, which is a positive.  They are monitoring her very closely and family have been with her around the clock.  She has not regained consciousness. The Neurosurgeon does not believe there is a need for any invasive surgery at this point. 

Vicki is in the Intensive Care Unit and visitors are RESTRICTED, she needs her rest and limited stimulus at this time, but family welcomes prayers, and lots of them please!  WE will share all your words of encouragement and love with her every chance they can! 

God is good, and He's got this!  Please comfort each other cuz that is what VG would want!!!

We'll post more updates as they become available.

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