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Jun 13-19

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Quick Vernie Update

Vern was moved to the Renown Rehab hospital last week. She has a busy, rigorous schedule which constitutes of two hour therapy sessions, three times a day with rest in between. Audelia and Carlos are the only two allowed inside to visit per COVID rules. They have been able to be there during her therapies and have been told numerous times that Vern performs much better with family there. That isn't surprising to any of us who know how important her family is to her. We are so grateful to have a great, local rehab hospital to allow her family to be there as much as possible.

Her reading, writing and comprehension are doing really good. Her speech is still very confused, but slowly improving everyday. In physical therapy they are working on her left side which she is moving a lot more and getting stronger each day. She can get up on her own and walk with a little support and wheel herself around in the wheelchair. We are still waiting to hear from the doc when they plan to put her skull piece back in, but for now she wears a helmet to protect her head. They are tentatively planning on sending Vern home with her mom as her full time care taker June 4th. Once home, she will continue at home care therapies.

Her doctor said with the amount of progress she has made in just one week, on top of her great attitude, that she has a very good chance of being our Vernie again or as close to it as possible. There is still a very long road until then, but we are so thankful to see her improve as much as she has.  

We know how many people love and are rooting for Vern and we appreciate each and everyone one of you. All the nurses, therapists and doctors have said how much they love Vernie too and boy do we appreciate them!

Please keep Vern in your prayers,

The Hernandez Family

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