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May 13, 2021

This past week has been a huge step forward for Vernie on all fronts.

They have taken the trach out of her throat so now Vern can talk freely and is having full conversations with everyone. Breathing and speaking are not labored at all anymore for her. She is still in the confused stage, so her conversations are all over the place, but speaking with her, it sounds like her wit and humor are coming back. Vern has successfully been eating mostly soft, mashed food, but has done a good enough job with swallowing that they have taken the feeding tube out. Yay for no tubes!

Vern has been crushing PT. She started out moving both legs and taking small steps while holding onto the parallel bars with the physical therapist's help. She is now walking hand in hand with her PT. Her left arm is moving more, but we are waiting on her clavicle X-ray to see if it has healed enough for them to start PT on that arm. She is wearing her helmet all the time now since she is very active and they won't be putting her skull piece back in for awhile.

There are still talks of moving her to a rehab facility, but with all the progress she made this week, they are talking about sending her to a more advanced one since she is eating and has the trach out. I will definitely update when we get the word that she is ready to move. For now, she just needs to keep healing and working on all her therapies. 

The Battleborn Classic was a huge success and we were able to raise a little over $4K for Vernie on her healing Journey! If you missed buying your Vern shirt, no worries, the shop has reopened by popular demand. Here is the link https://stores.inksoft.com/CalaveraBarbell/shop/home. It will close at NOON on MAY 16th, so don't wait! A huge shout out to Cece, Celeste, Steph, Kennedy and Becca for setting up our Vernie booth to sell shirts, collect donations and run a successful raffle with the grand prize of a Mother of Macros Gift Card kindly donated by Alyssa. We can't thank all the amazing humans enough who are all on Vern's side in this fight. 

We will never be able to thank the nurses and therapists enough for what they do, but thanks to Cece we were able to show a small piece of our gratitude with snack baskets for the ICU nurses when Vern was in the ICU and donuts for the neuro unit nurses this past week for nurses appreciation week. 

Thanks for all the love, prayers and support for Vernie,
The Hernandez Family

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  • Brenda Hewitt : This is amazing news...but not surprising that Vern is kick’n but on her comeback!!! Love you lady!!!💓
  • Trish Euler : Hi Vern, everyone is praying for you! You are SUCH a fighter and God is giving you His strength to fight the good fight! We are all so happy you are making such GREAT progress!
  • Lisa Browne : I'm so glad Vern has gotten the trach out and is able to eat and talk. That is huge!
  • Luetta Mann : What amazingly wonderful news!!!! Keep fighting Vern. Much love and many prayers for the whole family 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻
  • Krystal Koontz : We are all cheering you on and sending you lots of love and strength. Keep fightin' and know you're loved!
  • Shelly Vick : Awesome news!! Keep working hard Vern, we’re so proud of the “fight” you have in you! Love you 😘
  • sandra smith : Such great news. Go Vern 👏🙌❤️
  • Shawna Harrington : That's so incredibly awesome to hear! 💓🤗🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
  • Bernhard Strom : Happy to hear very positive news!
  • Kerri Berrey : So glad to hear this news!!! Go Vern! <3
  • Nancy Oxsen : That is such great news!! Go Vern. We are all pulls for you! ❤️