Journal entry by Valerie Witt

Roger took me to complete my 5th treatment today.  My blood count was in the safe zone to continue with treatment.  Long day left a 9 and go home at 6. They have to give me per-medication and Benadryl in the IV first then I have to wait a half hour.  Then the chemo drugs start, Herceptin and Paclitaxel.  Herceotin will the drug I have to have for a year.  They push it very slow for 90 minutes to see how I reacted.  When well, so they will speed up the push time and work it down to 30 minute over time.  But, the Benadrly put me to sleep. I had to sleep over two hours and it makes me to tired to drive home. Dr. just keep tell me this is one of the hardest regimen of chemo they give. 5 down with 11 major treatment to go, resting on the couch tonight.  Thanks for all your prayers and support.
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