Honor Vada

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12 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Timothy and Shoran Williams

“In honor of Vada Murray, his family, and children. Go Blue!”

Gifted by Bill and Betsy Grove

“In honor of Vada Murray, we are pleased to contribute to the mission of”

Gifted by Kremers Family

“In honor of Vada Murray - Go Blue”

Gifted by The Taylor Family, UM '97, Bainbridge Island, WA

“In honor of Vada Murray”

Gifted by "Spartans for Lunch Bunch"

“In honor of Vada Murray .... 'Stick', 'Stick Daddy', 'Knocked out in a Hurry', 'Murray'”

Gifted by Lizann, Gerry and Alec Anderson

“In honor of Vada Murray from a friend of Laura and Deric's. We wish you could see Deric make those impossible threes.”

Gifted by The Brammer Family

“In honor of Vada Murray. Go Blue #27”

Gifted by Mr. Jonathan S. Mirsky

“We know it takes great strength, fortitude, and the courage to hope to push forward in such a tough spot. We're all behind you.”

Gifted by Prudy Caudill

“In honor of Vada Murray - his strong wife and beautiful children - always in my thoughts - PRUDY”

Gifted by anonymous

“In honor of Vada Murray, a Michigan Man, fighting a terrible disease, his steadfast wife Sarah and his family. Also Aunt Sue :).”