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November 17, 2020

Daddy has been moved to critical care. They’re intubating him and will try to clear the secretions from his lungs. Prayers needed. Love to all.

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November 16, 2020

Today has not been so good. Daddy became confused last night and this morning. He also developed a wet cough. His oxygen levels dropped and he shows signs of pneumonia. They tried to increase his oxygen flow, but he continued to get worse. 
Tonight they moved him to a step down unit where they have him on a bipap machine trying to force more oxygen into his lungs. His oxygen levels have increased a little so we’re keeping the faith and praying hard that he will fight this! 
Please continue to pray for God to give him strength, for him to recover, and that he is able to come home to us soon. We love you all.


November 15, 2020

Some much needed good news today!! We asked the doctors to do an experiment yesterday. We asked them to hold some of his pain meds to see if we could get him to come around a bit. Our hope was to figure out what is stroke related or medicine related with him being so “out of it”. 
Today his nurse could get him to speak in full sentences!!! 🎉 She was able to get him to eat an entire ensure pudding and drink a whole pop. These are huge strides in the right direction! He is being given a lidocaine patch and it seems to be helping with the pain in his neck. He has not complained of his headache at all today.
Thank you all for your prayers and support! 
We love you all!! ♥️


November 14, 2020

The hospital gave special approval for us to visit Daddy today. He is confused and it is difficult to understand him at times. While we were there, the doctor came to talk with us. The MRI shows the possibility of a small stroke on the right side of his brain. He’s also having trouble seeing out of his right eye. They saw that the nerves in his spine at the top are being pinched from calcification causing some of the pain in his neck. They’re changing up his meds a bit to help with that pain and his headache. 
We were able to get him to eat some of his yogurt and 3 small drinks. He had a small coherent conversation with the doctor that sounded perfect, but then he slid back into being a bit confused. 
They will continue OT and PT as he is very weak and we will continue to look for a facility that we are comfortable entrusting with his care. 
Thank you all for continued prayers and support. We love you all.


November 13, 2020

Most of Dad’s numbers continue to improve, but we have a few stragglers that need to get a bit better.
His headache has not left him and the new meds don’t seem to be doing anything yet.  He is still very out of it and groggy. The staff on his case have also expressed extreme concern with us bringing him home instead of going to a skilled nursing facility. He does not have the strength to sit on his own and they’re very worried that on our own, we won’t be able to handle the full care he will need. We are a
bit distraught with this news and are trying to find the solution that would best work for Daddy. 
The GI doctor was able to do an endoscopy on Dad today. It went well. He was barely at 6mm and they were able to open his esophagus to 10mm. Ultimately, he needs to be at 20mm so it will probably take 2 more procedures to get him where he needs to be. 
Please continue to remember us in your prayers as we search for the best solution and quality of care for Dad during the next few weeks.
We love you all! As always, thank you for your love and support! ♥️


November 12, 2020

Good evening.
Dad’s numbers continue to improve. He is negative for Covid. His CT scans show nothing of concern. Neurology sees nothing of concern. 
Neurology saw him today and they now believe his headaches are tension headaches that are neuromuscular, so they are changing his pain meds in an effort to get rid of them. The other meds were not taking them away and were knocking him out. We tried to speak with Daddy today, but it is very difficult to communicate with him. 
He continues to work with OT and PT, and will need to continue when he is discharged. It looks as though he will remain in the hospital through the weekend at least. 
GI is going to try to do an endoscopy tomorrow to begin to reopen his esophagus.
It will likely take several procedures to accomplish this task. Please remember him tomorrow as well as the doctors who will be working on him.
Since we are unable to see Daddy, we spend much of the day on the phone with updates from nurses, doctors, insurance, etc. The hospital staff have all been amazing at keeping us up on his daily care, test results, general condition, and have been welcoming of our input. We want to thank you all for your  support. If you have called and we have not had a chance to speak with you, please know that we will reach out as soon as possible! 😊It means so much to us to have the love and support you have all given to us. ♥️ Please be safe! Our love goes out to you all!


November 11, 2020

Dad is doing better today. 
They said his headache pain level continues to fluctuate, but it’s not as bad as it was. 
We spent much of the day advocating for him, trying to get records, and searching for a clear path through the insurance jungle. We haven’t found that path yet, but we’re hopeful. 
The swelling in Daddy’s face has gone down. His ankles and feet are still swollen but improving. 
His kidneys are responding well and their function is better. Urology doctors are trying to find the cause of the issues and are working to clear the chemical imbalance. It is going to be a slow process. They tell us that for 2 weeks down, a person can look at a 2 month timeframe to recovery. 
They are talking about possible skilled nursing facilities to help with OT and PT, but we are also looking into the possibilities of home health care visits at one of our homes. That’s where the insurance nightmare comes in. 
Daddy’s red and white blood cell numbers are going up, but there is still concern about his hemoglobin numbers. 
GI visited with him and want to do an endoscopy as soon as possible to help open things up and aid in fixing his dry heaves while getting nutrition to his body to help build his strength. He was able to sit in a chair today, but he still will not put his head up for the nurses. 
We continue to get updates from the hospital staff and are grateful for their dedication. I have a whole new understanding of just how awful this pandemic can be. Not being with your loved one...not being able to see what’s going on...not being able to advocate in person or explain what
Is going on to him is heartbreaking. 
Many of you are aware of the terrible storms we experienced yesterday. I am forever grateful that Scott is here with us. He found the generator and was able to keep the fridge on, a couple of lights, and charge our phones. A few layers of blankets kept the chill off of us as the temperature plummeted. While I would have given up and tried to find a hotel for us to move to, Scott took over and saved the day for us all! The girls have been keeping things going for us while we’re out. They’ve been grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, and giving great moral support to everyone. 
All in all, knowing we are being remembered, lifted up in prayer, loved, and supported while seeing Daddy improve has made this so much more bearable. Thank you all!


November 10, 2020

Afternoon/evening updates:
Since Daddy is in a private room upstairs, we can not visit with him. The nurse tried to let us speak with him but he’s very groggy. CT was unable to do their tests on him. Things just didn’t work out for that today. Bloodwork showed uti and his kidneys were not functioning. Draining now to help...along with fluids and sodium pills. Urology will follow up as will GI. Trying to keep ahead of the pain from his headache with meds but they feel much will improve as the kidneys come back online. Nutrition, OT, PT, and Speech Pathology all came to visit him today. We spoke with drs, nurses, nutritionists, billing, registration, and a few others. I can’t say enough how amazing everyone has been. They’re very caring, helpful, informative, and incredibly patient. We are so glad we made the move! We feel like mom is looking out for him! ;) Please keep the prayers coming! Love to you all!