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September 21, 2019

Hi everyone, Ray has been home for a few weeks so I wanted to give you all an update on his healing progress. 


Ray is healing really well in every way.  

  • He is staying active with increasing endurance both around the house as well as getting out occasionally, but the more active he is the tighter his skin gets. But he is being diligent about doing his physical therapy, as well as his wound care which itself takes about 3 hours/day. Itchiness is bugging him the most right now.
  • He has attended Arissa’s softball game (in the shade of course), hung out with his hero and new friend Scott, and even done a little shopping.
  • He has been fitted for all of his compression garments.
  • He has been to the burn specialist in San Francisco and is going back there for some special treatments next week. He is hoping to then be able to get off of his last pain medication.
  • He can’t wait to be able to drive again! He hates being chauffeured :)
  • He has some saccades going on in his eyes so Ray is doing special eye exercises and the eye specialist continues to monitor that.


He has come so far in his physical and mental recovery in just under 6 weeks.  He, DeAnna and our entire family are so grateful for every one of your prayers, well wishes and cards.  I will post updates probably monthly to keep you all apprised of his continued progress.


Love from Ray and family

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