Thoughts & Well Wishes

Diana Carrington | Sep 4, 2019
Continuing prayers for at home adjustments and stamina. Welcome Home Ray. Many thanks to Gina for her tireless updating. DeAnna prayers for your continued strength and courage. The rest of the family prayers for keeping things running smoothly. It takes s village...
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Justin Jerrett | Sep 3, 2019
Hi cousin so wanting you to know been thinking about you. I know your surrounded are the right people at this time. I keep trying find things that will spark fire when you hurt or whatever your feeling s maybe. But I think a wife and kids would be the best fire any man would want. Well much love JJ
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Michael & Dorothy Guisande | Aug 31, 2019
So thankful for the progress Ray has made!  He has such great care between the doctors and his loving family.  You all have been an inspiration to all that have been following the updates.  What a tremendous story and testimony Ray has about the POWER and GRACE  of God!  Here's a song my nephew Kyle Guisande wrote, I thought it may be a blessing!  It's called "IT'S DONE".
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