Honor Tyler

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“Guided here by chance?,(you tube),a small gift,heartfelt tears & prayers.”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Tyler Hibinger”

— Ms. Pauline M. Holtz

“In honor of Tyler Hibinger”

— Mr. Frank W. Balsinger

“In honor of Tyler's amazing life.”

— Anonymous

“Tyler-Me and you were good friends!I Miss you a lot.”

— Mr. Dylan Scherer

“I will miss seeing you in school. Caden Wendling”

— Mrs. Cathy M. Wendling

“In honor of Tyler Hibinger, may God bless you.”

— Anonymous

“May God bless you with renewed strength each day.”

— Kim L. Hinderegger

“Tyler, May God watch over you always!”

— Mrs. Allison Orlando

“Katie Allen, our daughter Tyler's nurse at school.”

— Donald J. Noble