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Journal entry by Briahna Beckman

We are still at KU Med, these last 4-5 days were great. Tucker was up moving around a large majority of the day, getting to enjoy walks outdoors, doing workouts to try regaining some strength. 


Yesterday morning I noticed some raspy breathing and coughing, and he had shortness of breath. All the same signs and symptoms of fluid rebuilding back up around his left lung. The did a PET scan today and there has been significant growth of the cancer in the left chest wall, along with increased numbers of spots in bone throughout his midsection. This all happened within a week or two, as we were thinking everything was still stable due to how good Tucker was feeling. 

We plan on trying a different kind of chemo tomorrow morning, and radiation  on Friday. The hope is together this chemo and radiation will help break up the tumor and shrink it in size in the mediastinum and left chest wall. 


This type of cancer is proving it’s strength and resilience, but I truly believe Tucker is stronger and more resilient than this.

Tucker is going to need more prayers than ever right now as we’re facing a crucial time in trying to get this back under control. Tucker is incredibly strong and brave, he was given the choice to try this new chemo and radiation and chose to keep fighting. Please keep up with the thoughts and prayers, we all appreciate it so much. 

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