Honor Truman

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“You are often on our minds. May the peace of our Lord be yours, always.”

— George and Patti

“In honor of Truman Hedrick.”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Truman Hedrick. Strength and courage to you and your family. Praying for you.”

— Jane Ruppe

— Janell Brock

“In honor of Truman Hedrick”

— Chuck Myers

“In Honor of Truman Hedrick”

— David Turley

“In honor of Truman Hedrick...sending prayers, strength and good wishes!”

— Glen & Hillary Trezise

— Ms. Shawn B. Roccamo

“In honor of Truman Hedrick, and his Great Friend Sam Bish. May God keep and comfort you.”

— Anonymous

“In honor of Truman Hedrick”

— Duane Snyder