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Journal entry by Kalli Harrison

So ice cream is bad before bedtime. I slept like garbage. I forgot that I never sleep well after ice cream 😂. Why ice cream? I need to gain some weight back. I think 106 lbs looks a lil bad on me. Gunna try for 110. But on the plus side, I have been up long enough to have had first breakfast and contemplating second breakfast/snack. Yeah, I sound like a hobbit... But when your eating schedule is like every 2-4 hours, you would too! Bonus for me, I am hobbit size and lack the hairy, oversized feet. I am waiting for my slim treadmill to arrive for those rainy days and those times I don't want to be all dressed and put together and shoes but still want to walk, or it's too late to walk outside or too early, etc. Life is a little better and much more stable than last week. I have been following the doctor's orders pretty good with great results. I miss something here and there, that's all. I am also starting to walk faster and eat more consistently, even when I have to go somewhere. I am pretty good about prepping for the length of time I will be out and about, except having an emergency pouching system on hand. Probably a bad thing that I should rectify. 
So reading the pathology report, and assuming that whatever area had a polyp on it was not able to do its God given job, my colon was operating at 10-20% of it capability. No reports of polyps turning towards being cancerous, and the largest was 1.2 cm. At first, when we read through it, we thought we read the largest was 27.5 cm. There was a lot of terms we didn't understand the what and why of it. They also removed 42 lymph nodes. There seems to be a little nerve damage down my right leg running down the inside, I haven't asked the doctor about it yet, but I will. Considering the list of risks of the surgery, a lil nerve damage would be pretty minimal.
To pass some of the down time, I started a cross stitching project. It is a simple kit but I plan to embellish it some more. It is nice to have something to do while sitting, as I do not have much patience for reading right now, (weird, I know!). Hoping to have it done before Easter, or at least the original design of it. So I wish y'all an early happy Easter!
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