Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

Somehow we made it through another weekend.  Time seems to just blur together.  We continue to be amazed by the continued prayers and thoughts of so many people from all over. The kindness and generosity shown towards Trevor and us really is appreciated. 
We are looking forward to the move to Lincoln soon. The procedure Trevor had done the other day seems to be doing its job and healing well so far. 
Today was by far Trevor’s most physically active day, and we like the steps going forward. He was able to do some arm and leg exercises on his own today. The really toned and bulky muscles from a month ago have now kind of disappeared. However, the simple movements he performed today took such great strength and was more of an accomplishment then his last weight lifting session a month ago now. 
I can go back and look at pictures from when Trevor was young to just recent ones, and he always seems to be flexing his muscles for pictures. Even though his biceps have lost some size, he still managed to flex his muscles when a new friend, along with his dog, finished saying a prayer with his hand on him today. We had some other friends over to pray for Trevor later this evening, and he gave a big stretch and yawn when they finished as well. We really appreciate seeing the reactions to the love and kindness shown to him. 
We hope things can all come together for the transfer tomorrow so we can take that next step real soon. Thank you to everyone for reaching out. The support shown really does keep us going in the right direction. 
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