Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

Today, November 10th, can be marked up as a great day for Trevor. Once Trevor’s care team got him into his chair this afternoon, we started just moving his fingers and then his hands and then his wrists and then his arms, like he was doing curls.  What seems like such a simple maneuver to us has been something Trevor hasn’t been able to do on his own for a long time, until today. Today, the 10th, Trevor started raising his hands and forearms up when we asked. Then we concentrated on his legs, and he was able to squeeze his knees together and then move them apart. He would raise his toes. And once we thought he was getting tuckered out, he just kept going and going, switching between arms and legs, showing that spirit of determination that Trevor typically shows. However, these seemingly simple tasks really tired him out and he is now resting soundly as I write this. 
We will take this as a good day. It felt good to be overcome with joy after 23 days into this ordeal. It was another baby step in the right direction of his long recovery. 
Again, we continue to be amazed at the outpouring of support and love shown towards Trevor from games and friends and strangers and especially the many prayers being sent his way.  Thank you!

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