Kelly Burke|Nov 10, 2019
We are all praying for a full recovery for Trevor! We will see you on that football field next year!
Cyclones, Burke familyđź’š
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Pam Hojer|Nov 10, 2019
Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers everyday.
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Diane, Richard Kristofferson|Nov 10, 2019
We are still praying for Trevor and all his families, may god give you strength as it’s all in gods hands now keep positive thoughts and keep praying..
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Melissa Veldman|Nov 10, 2019
Sending prayers from Oklahoma!
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Jill Walters|Nov 10, 2019
We too are praying for Trevor's complete recovery and strength for the family. Keep bringing in those sounds of home! Music is powerful too. :-)

Jill & Marc (2nd cousins of Judy & Terry)
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Candy Rosner|Nov 10, 2019
my prayers continue to go out for all of you. May you find strength in your family friends and faith.
Love candy Rosner
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Rhonda Elsen|Nov 9, 2019
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Judy Hodges|Nov 9, 2019
Hang in there, Trevor, you will make it when the time is right. God has you in His hands and He will lead you on right out the door of that hospital!!! God Bless and prayers for you and your family.
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Cathy Holthe|Nov 9, 2019
I hope you know the power of prayer, I hope you know that even though things don't go as we planned, things will be okay. I know you will recognize the blessings in the struggle. My daughter, Gabbie, was in a car accident 3 years ago. At one point her dad and I had a conversation about taking our daughter off life support due to the grim prognosis given to us by the doctors. They were doing their job, preparing us for the worst while trying to give us hope for a good outcome. I'm here to tell you that there will be a good outcome! I don't want to sound like the doctors were bad. They were FAR from that! They were amazing and some are still my friends today, they became almost like family. It is not just a marathon, but an ultra-marathon. But, since I can't go back and change the past, it is the best way for things to be. Trevor will amaze you. A year from now, two years from now you will look back, show him videos of where he's at now and you will proclaim, "Look how far you've come! Look what you have overcome!" You will delight in all the small victories, every small step will be cause for rejoicing! This will be the best, worst experience of your life. You will overcome and in turn inspire the next person. I am praying for you! I am cheering for you! You will all be victorious over this struggle!
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Jody Walk|Nov 9, 2019
Glad to read he is responding to "familiar" smells and sounds! That's #truetherapy.
Continuing to pray.
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