Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

Today we got to see several small steps in the right direction for Trevor.  He has now breathed on his own for a time today. At night they put him back on CPAP to monitor and be a back up, but he still initiates everything himself. We have seen him respond to different stimuli more and more each day.  Shana brought me a cheeseburger for lunch today and I put that up to his nose and he sure liked the smell of that. It was refreshing to see him flare his nostrils and wiggle his lips and jaw. We received a short video of the cows being brought home from pasture, and I put the sound of the cows and calves on our speaker. I just played it continuously for a few minutes and he moved his head around as it is a sound that I’m sure reminds him of home. Now we just need to figure out how to get some cow pies up here.
What seems like the smallest things to us tuckers him out fast, which is hard to see, because he used to always be on the move and go hard at whatever he was doing. 
We have had some real good visits and conversations with others again the last couple of days to help us get through these tough times and the waiting.  And again, all of the gestures of support and continued prayers keep lifting us, and so many others in need, up. 
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