Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

It was good to see Trevor after a couple of days back home to tidy up some things. It’s hard to realize how much we take things for granted until those things are momentarily taken away. 
Trevor still isn’t really awake and aware yet, but we did get to see his eyes when we arrived and saw some movements that seemed more purposeful.  His breathing has been going well. He even is going to have to have some whiskers get taken care of again soon. It was extremely hard being away the last two nights, and I was anxious to see if he’s continued to make progress, even if it seems slow to us.
We continue to be blown away by all of the support given to Trevor by both friends and strangers.  We keep seeing volleyball players from all over wearing red number 10 ribbons in their hair or warm up shirts with Trevor’s name on them and continue to hear of fundraising efforts and prayers of healing and strength being posted. We really are humbled by so many people rallying behind Trevor.  
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