Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

We continue to be amazed and appreciate all of the people showing support for Trevor through his journey. We are humbled by the way people who never even met Trevor before want to reach out and support him. The messages of support and keeping the faith is what really helps us get through these days while we wait.
Trevor still has not woke up yet. We get signs he hears us. He has started some physical and occupational therapy, and when we stretched both arms up over his head we would get a few big yawns. He gets set up in his chair for a few hours and is on minimal support for breathing for the daytime.  
Shana and I went to the Braves football game tonight. Trevor had it on in his room. The team has really stepped up their game, and that is so awesome to see.  The team and coaches have shown some amazing mental toughness and the guys are playing their hearts out, like Trevor does. I am sure he is proud. 
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