Tessa Meyer|Oct 31, 2019
Prayers from Sauk Rapids, MN! Praying for healing and strength 🙏
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Corinne Jameson|Oct 31, 2019
Prayers for you, Trevor, and your family for healing and strength and patience! 😊 We have you on our Prayer List at Ipswich United Church of Christ and send our prayers along with those of our entire community. God is with you.
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dale aastrom|Oct 31, 2019
Sending prayers for your son from California. My great Aunt Helen Aastrom and her brother Donald Naddy were from Britton
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Laura Ptacek|Oct 31, 2019
Prayers for healing and strength for your family and friends and especially for Trevor coming from Ipswich.
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Ruth Almos|Oct 31, 2019
Praying for all of you in St Cloud Mn. Stay strong in your faith, God is with you.
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Linda Byington|Oct 31, 2019
Sending love and prayers for your family . He will be remembered at all the football games around the state tonight.
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darrius haskins|Oct 31, 2019
Hang in there 10 you are such a good and strong kid i believe that this is one of gods plans and i know you will get through it bro. We are by your side and we are going to win the whole thing for you. Love you so much bro.
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Marie Holt|Oct 31, 2019
I, along with two other Langford school staff members, saw the 10:00 hour approach, on October 29th, during recess duty. Blowing the whistle, (the students not knowing why the whistle was blown), we directed the preschool through third grade students to get in a circle and hold hands. As they all assembled we could hear the kids quietly say, "We're going to pray for Trevor". In that time of silent prayer for Trevor, his family and his care team, it was almost as if we could hear everyone's heart growing a little bit more....... growing to give more strength..... for Trevor.
#10 at 10.
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Colleen Oliver|Oct 31, 2019
Sending lots of prayers up for each of you from Lemmon SD. As a parent of an 18 year old boy who has had a rare autoimmune disease we lift you up every minute of every day as the prayers will heal and hold each of you up by God’s amazing Grace 🙏🏻♥️♥️. Please hold each other tightly and know we r all praying unceasingly
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Raymond Symens|Oct 30, 2019
We are praying here in Texas for Trevor and for the whole family. Garrett remembers fishing with Trevor at Roy Lake a couple years ago and what a great time they had.
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