wynella abeln|Oct 28, 2019
Continually in our prayers 🙏🙏🙏 God has his timeline and we must be patient, which is very hard to do ♥️
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Josh & Joni Merkley|Oct 28, 2019
💓 Continued prayers for complete healing!!! 💓
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Kim Hassell|Oct 28, 2019
Praying for you Trevor! 💓💓 ((Hugs)) to all
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Andy Johnson|Oct 28, 2019
Praying for all of you!
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carol vermeer|Oct 28, 2019
I pray that Trevor feel the presence of Our Lord during his healing process.
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Gretchen Radke|Oct 28, 2019
I pray that Trevor has a complete recovery and if that takes some extra time to achieve then that’s what it takes. Heidi Bailey is my sister and she told me about Trevor the night it happened and I told a good friend from church and she has a prayer chain going. I believe in the power of prayer and the more prayers there are the better. I have been praying for Trevor and the whole family . I pray tomorrow will be a positive day for Trevor and family. Amen
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Kelly W|Oct 28, 2019
I've been thinking of you all and trying to come up with the right thing to say for the last week . I have accepted there is no 'right thing' but I do want to share that I am lifting you all up in my thoughts during this tough journey. Whenever I have read Trevor's name on Facebook or in the Britton Journal over the last decade since I lived there, I get this image of a smiley, kind kid hanging out in the gym playing basketball while his dad coaches practice. And I think of the big, loving Zuehlke family that he's blessed to be a part of - I can't imagine a better team rooting for Trevor than all of you and our community.
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Elaine Steen|Oct 28, 2019
I can understand the exhaustion. Just remember we are all here to lift you up and to help in anyway that we can, Prayers and love
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Jay Halteman|Oct 28, 2019
Kurt, I am a business associate of Drew Fredrickson's in Muncie, Indiana, our small company has Tervor in our prayers. Our sales rep in Dallas Texas has Trevor's name on the entire congregation's prayer list. You and your family are thought of daily.
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Cortney Maronic|Oct 28, 2019
I'm happy to talk with family. My son Toran suffered a near fatal traumatic brain injury while playing football in 2016. He was given very grave odds at survival but has since made a miraculous recovery. You are not alone!! The brain can heal, it's just a long hard road. But it helps to meet others who have been where you are. My name is Cortney Maronic and this is our story. https://youtu.be/wAZELTuNVCo
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