Sandi Bender|Oct 29, 2019 (edited)
I do not know you or your son personally. But inside my heart my prayers will reach out to you! I can’t imagine sitting there each day waiting for baby steps to happen! Get your strength from the Lord and our prayers go out to all of you!🙏🙏🙏
Prayers from Menno, SD.
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Melody Wenz|Oct 28, 2019
I love your funny stories. Tell that to Trevor. I want him to be starving right now, and be ready to rock and roll.
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Claudia Frey|Oct 28, 2019
Family of Trevor, please know we can’t stop thinking of all of you and praying for Trevor. We see the farm from our living room window and each time we look out, we silently utter a prayer. If we can help in any way, just let us know. Neil and Claudia
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elizabeth sanderson|Oct 27, 2019
Not even knowing the family or Trevor, my heart is hurting.
Just reading about the accident and the outpouring of support from ALL communities fills my heart with joy.
Please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers. 🙏🙏🙏
Elizabeth Sanderson
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Rickie Impecoven|Oct 27, 2019
Continued prayers and thoughts coming your way.
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Heidi Horn|Oct 27, 2019
Continuing to send our love ❤️
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Sandra Polkinghorn|Oct 27, 2019
Kurt we want to thank you for taking the time for your family to write these posts. Jim mentioned that many years ago Melvin Oland was put into a self induced coma that lasted about 6 weeks, never give up, keep the hope and faith alive. Trevor is "lean, mean, and a fighting machine" - being a quarterback for a winning football team has proved that! You all have our prayers and support, get in touch if we can do anything at all to help. Jim & Sandi
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Pam Hojer|Oct 27, 2019
Keeping you in thought and prayer. Waiting is the hardest virtue, keep the faith!
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Tammy Aakre|Oct 26, 2019
I don't know you or your son. I do know as a parent this is likely the most difficult thing you've had to face in your life. You are not alone. Trevor is not alone. Besides the 1000's if people praying for all of you and loving you and Trevor, there is someone who loves him far more than you. His heavenly Father, Abba Father (Daddy Father) loves him more than you can imagine. And he has good intended for Trevor. I pray, trust and believe he has been and will continue to heal and restore Trevor. And that Trevor will be a miracle that can be shared with many. That God our Father will see many souls lead to Christ through the healing work in Trevor's life
Hold fast to his promises! He's walking with you and carrying Trevor. Trevor is safe and healing in his arms.
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Kathy Kadoun|Oct 26, 2019
Continued prayers forTrevor and all of you
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