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October 24, 2019

Again, today we waited. As mentioned before, this process is a meticulous balancing act. Sodium levels still too high to wean off the sedation. The med team does not seem to be worried that it is taking longer for that to happen.  Everyone’s body is different for that as well. And they want to let the body take its own time and not force anything. Everything else seems to be maintaining like they want. He does have a feeding tube, but we are sure he isn’t getting as many calories as he was before when he’d probably eat 6-7,000 per day.  It is crazy how much he can eat.  
With Trevor being real steady with things, we went to the team’s football game tonight. Trevor will be so proud of his team tonight. Players stepped up like we knew they could. It was really good to see how they have become an even tighter team, and everyone picked up their game a notch or two or more even.  
We are blown away by the support and fundraising that has been going on across the whole state and region. It’s hard to put to words how grateful we are and Trevor will be for all of the support.  We have seen so many pictures and videos of people doing cheers and wearing shirts or ribbons or hats with Trevor on it.  We are truly blessed to have so many people getting behind our Number 10!

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