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October 23, 2019

Today was a lot more waiting as the medical team keeps things in balance for Trevor. The first thing that needs to happen is the sodium level needs to hit a certain target. His body is slowly going towards the target number but not quite there yet, so more waiting and it is necessary to not rush things.  They actually had to increase the sedation a tiny amount to keep him more relaxed until the sodium gets down.  All the other numbers stay right where they are supposed to.  
We continue to be amazed at the support from all over the country.  It means so much all of the things other schools are doing to support Trevor. It makes us all feel good to live where people can all rally together for a good cause. Thank you so much.  
Tomorrow will be a day to be brave. For players taking the field for games, for parents sending their kids out to play the game, for Trevor as he works towards coming out of sedation, and for us to patiently wait for the timing of everything to come.  
Thank you again for the tremendous amount of support and prayers being sent this way.  

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