Pam Rix|Oct 23, 2019
I can't imagine what you are going through as parents. Praying for all of you. We do Table Talks every Wed for our Groton High School kids. We prayed for Trevor today.
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John Bruce|Oct 22, 2019
Prayers from Arizona. A strong young man will conquer this setback, one day at a time.
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Josh Boll|Oct 22, 2019
Continuing prayers Stay strong young man .... You got this Keeping making the strides needed to get better Many are in your corner supporting and offering prayers.
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Kevin Impecoven|Oct 22, 2019
Stay strong Trevor. I know you will overcome this and be back home in no time. We will continue to pray for you and your family for a speedy recovery.
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Shelli Felderman|Oct 22, 2019
Prayers for a safe and speedy recovery!
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Julie Docter|Oct 22, 2019
Praying for Trevor, for family and friends.
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Julie OBrien|Oct 22, 2019
Praying for Trevor’s strength and healing and for the medical team caring for him. Lifting you all up in prayer. 🙏💙
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Marilyn Kjenstad|Oct 22, 2019
I don’t know him, but that makes no difference. I pray for him each day!! My faith in God makes me care for him and pray for him!
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Warren Meeker|Oct 22, 2019
Our prayers are for Trevor's complete recovery and also for peace for all of his family and friends.
I've watched Britton's football games when I could here in SC and have been extremely proud of how these kids play their hearts out and at the same time, show tremendous sportsmanship. To me, that shows the quality of young men that are representing the team, coaches, the school and community.
It has been amazing to see the outpouring of support, not only from Britton, but other communities and rival schools. That says so much about Trevor and also the people of SD. When he recovers, he can see just how much he is loved.
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Rachel Pearson|Oct 22, 2019
I don't know any of you, but my son has played basketball on an opposing team. He had nothing but great things to say about Trevor and his sportsmanship. Our family is continuing to pray for your family, for the medical team, and especially for Trevor.
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