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October 20, 2019

First off, we all appreciate the prayers and can feel the power of them coming from all over. We watched the Britton prayer service on Facebook Live and it was very moving. The support of Trevor has been overwhelming and so much appreciated.  

Trevor has been steady all day, just what the doctors want. He is still heavily sedated to keep him as calm and still as possible.  We need to be very cautious, as swelling can peak up to 72 hours later, but so far he is staying real steady, just like he should. We have another day yet to get to that point, and there are so many unknowns. He is extremely healthy and has no other serious injuries that might complicate things further.  

All of this seems so unreal, and we can’t make any reasoning of why and how something like this happens. We must trust in the plan put in place by God. 

We believe Trevor gets great benefit from all of your thoughts and prayers. But we also believe Trevor wants anyone praying for him to find peace and comfort themselves.  

Tomorrow is a pivotal day for Trevor.  Please keep the prayers coming for continued healing.  

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