Journal entry by Stacie Johnson

Trevor suffered a head injury during a football game in Warner Friday, Oct 18. He was taken by ambulance to Aberdeen where he was evaluated. A CT scan showed bleeding in his brain, and he was airlifted to Avera Mckennan in Sioux Falls for surgery to drain the blood and relieve pressure. The CT scan did not indicate neck or spine injury.
Currently, he is in a medically induced coma to keep him still so his brain can heal and the swelling can go down. They will not do another CT scan until he is past the acute phase and swelling is gone. 
His medical team say he is stable, holding his own, and not losing any ground. His pupils are reactive to light, he has a gag reflex and shifts away from the nurses when they squeeze his fingertips. They were able to turn his vent setting down to minimal, which indicates he is doing a great job breathing on his own. These are all good signs. He is receiving several medications to reduce swelling and pain, and  to prevent infection and fever.
For now, the doctors can't tell us much more until they start trying to wake him up. We know Trevor is strong and determined, and he will fight his way back with everything he has, because he never gives less than 200%. 
Thank you to everyone sending prayers, please keep praying. 
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Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

First off, we all appreciate the prayers and can feel the power of them coming from all over. We watched the Britton prayer service on Facebook Live and it was very moving. The support of Trevor has been overwhelming and so much appreciated.  

Trevor has been steady all day, just what the doctors want. He is still heavily sedated to keep him as calm and still as possible.  We need to be very cautious, as swelling can peak up to 72 hours later, but so far he is staying real steady, just like he should. We have another day yet to get to that point, and there are so many unknowns. He is extremely healthy and has no other serious injuries that might complicate things further.  

All of this seems so unreal, and we can’t make any reasoning of why and how something like this happens. We must trust in the plan put in place by God. 

We believe Trevor gets great benefit from all of your thoughts and prayers. But we also believe Trevor wants anyone praying for him to find peace and comfort themselves.  

Tomorrow is a pivotal day for Trevor.  Please keep the prayers coming for continued healing.  

Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

Thank you again for the overwhelming prayers and support for Trevor.  It is comforting to know he has touched so many people.  

Today was really a waiting day in this whole process.  He is still sedated and resting.  His body has been reacting to the meds the way the medical team wants to see.  There is just so much that is not known at this time, and time is what we must give the process.  We wish there was more to report. 

We all continue to talk to him and hold his hands.  They are big hands, and hands that have done many big things already.  He has always had a ball or tool or toy in his hands.  And he has always been willing to lend a hand to help anyone out and encourage anyone in need. 

Again, all of the support and prayers for Trevor and others needing them are so much appreciated.   Please keep praying for the healing of Trevor’s brain.  Thank you again.

Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

The ongoing support and prayers continue to amaze us.  Thank you all so much.  

I wish there was more to report today, but it was another day of sedation and waiting and healing.  His numbers all do what they are supposed to and body reacts to the medicines as they are supposed to.  We did get several hand squeezes today, which lifted our spirits. But, we need to be patient. It just takes time to wait for swelling to go down and healing to occur.  

Time was something that Trevor is particular about.  He never has slept in late in the mornings.  He always has something to do or some place to be.  Even as a toddler, he never slept past 7:00.   Lately, his mornings usually consist of lifting and training or hunting.  He is very sure to get out to his deer stand or field early before the sun comes up.  He really makes sure not to be late for things.  He doesn’t like to wait or take too much time for something either.   But, somehow he always made time out of his busy schedule to help out with youth football or basketball.  He recently took time to serve breakfast at the local assisted living.  Or he would take time to talk to kids after games and take pictures with them.  He always seemed to make time for the younger kids.  

Now we need to give Trevor time.  Tomorrow will be a big day as they begin to slowly wean away the medicines for sedation.  It will be a slow process without any fast results, and there are so many unknowns.  Please keep Trevor and his body in your prayers.  

Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

Today was a lot more waiting as the medical team keeps things in balance for Trevor. The first thing that needs to happen is the sodium level needs to hit a certain target. His body is slowly going towards the target number but not quite there yet, so more waiting and it is necessary to not rush things.  They actually had to increase the sedation a tiny amount to keep him more relaxed until the sodium gets down.  All the other numbers stay right where they are supposed to.  
We continue to be amazed at the support from all over the country.  It means so much all of the things other schools are doing to support Trevor. It makes us all feel good to live where people can all rally together for a good cause. Thank you so much.  
Tomorrow will be a day to be brave. For players taking the field for games, for parents sending their kids out to play the game, for Trevor as he works towards coming out of sedation, and for us to patiently wait for the timing of everything to come.  
Thank you again for the tremendous amount of support and prayers being sent this way.  

Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

Again, today we waited. As mentioned before, this process is a meticulous balancing act. Sodium levels still too high to wean off the sedation. The med team does not seem to be worried that it is taking longer for that to happen.  Everyone’s body is different for that as well. And they want to let the body take its own time and not force anything. Everything else seems to be maintaining like they want. He does have a feeding tube, but we are sure he isn’t getting as many calories as he was before when he’d probably eat 6-7,000 per day.  It is crazy how much he can eat.  
With Trevor being real steady with things, we went to the team’s football game tonight. Trevor will be so proud of his team tonight. Players stepped up like we knew they could. It was really good to see how they have become an even tighter team, and everyone picked up their game a notch or two or more even.  
We are blown away by the support and fundraising that has been going on across the whole state and region. It’s hard to put to words how grateful we are and Trevor will be for all of the support.  We have seen so many pictures and videos of people doing cheers and wearing shirts or ribbons or hats with Trevor on it.  We are truly blessed to have so many people getting behind our Number 10!

Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

I only have a quick update for today.  Just more of the same. No new tests, just so many unknowns. Sodium just isn’t getting down yet, so we are on Trevor’s time, which only he knows that time.  Kind of like when he and his cousin and I went duck hunting a couple of weekends ago.  The ducks kind of quit coming in and I was getting ready to get out of the 3 foot deep water and head home.  He insisted on staying another two hours until sun set.  So we decided to stay.  About 20 minutes later he was starving and we had to go right then.  So you just never know. 

 Thank you for the continued prayers of healing and all of the overwhelming support.  

Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

Exhaustion started catching up with us last night and we didn’t get an update posted, but it was really a repeat of the day before.  
Today Trevor is still under sedation, but we hope we can take some baby steps in the right direction soon. This whole ordeal has been an emotional roller coaster with so many unknowns yet at this time. It is seeing and feeling the prayers and support from everyone that keeps us all going. Words cannot express how thankful we are for your continued thoughts and prayers.  
Today we talked to and heard from others who have been through terribly challenging situations. Hearing their stories and sharing their faith with us made for a very moving day. 
All of the prayers, messages, cards, visits, meals, posters, shirts, field messages, stickers, fundraising, and just general love and consideration is so much appreciated.  Thank you all very much!  Tomorrow we hope to slowly wean back on the sedation, but that can be a very slow and tedious process too.  

Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

Today we took a few small steps in the right direction. The medical team started slowly taking down sedation and checked his breathing, which he did with minimal assistance for awhile.  His lungs are doing really well.  We are starting to get more hand squeezes and see more signs of some agitation when they mess with his face some. But he is still under a fair amount of sedation and they want to keep him calm and comfortable too. So this will be a long and slow process. 
We keep seeing the amazing support of other schools and communities across the whole region and we are so thankful for you all to take the time and the effort to show your love.  It is really humbling to see people from other places come together for Trevor’s cause.  
A group prayer has been organized at 10:00 Central Time tomorrow morning for Trevor’s continued healing. Thank you for all of the support!

Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

We had a powerful day.   We could feel the prayers coming in from all over at 10:00.  I had the goose bumps for nearly an hour, and you could feel something was going on. You could feel the energy in the room. 
I wish this was something where you could slap a cast on it and head out the door. We need to remind ourselves that this is going to be a marathon and go really slow and take a lot of time.
Trevor is no longer getting the sedation medicine. It could take quite a while to get it all out of his system. And there are just so many unknowns. We are getting some good responses I think. But I know how hard it is for me to wake up after taking NyQuil one time the night before. I can’t imagine how hard it must be after being on a constant drip of sleep medicine for as long as Trevor has been. 
We keep hearing of schools wearing Trevor shirts, kids from rival towns praying together, fundraisers, and decorating things for Trevor.  This support means the world to Trevor and us as we sit here and wait and listen to the noises in the hospital room. Thank you for keeping us all going.  

Journal entry by Kurt Zuehlke

It’s always amazing how fast summer goes once we hit the 4th of July. We have been so grateful to get some really good caretakers and therapists to work with Trevor this summer.  Trevor has been continuing to work hard at his recovery.  Even though he is unable walk or talk yet, we have been able to do some summer activities with him now.  We finally made it to a youth baseball game and it was so great to see the kids that mean so much to Trevor to interact with him.  He has helped the kids with many activities and encouraged them the last few years.  It meant so much to us to now see these young kids coming up to him and encouraging him.
We did therapy in the city pool one day and he tolerated it and did really well for over an hour.   We are so lucky to have a facility like that to use.  
Trevor has always loved being on the water and we did get him and his wheelchair on a pontoon for some time on the lake as well. It was good to get him out there again, but I sure did miss pulling him on his wakeboard and seeing him do his jumps and tricks.  He had become a really good boat driver as well and we all enjoyed having him pull myself and the other kids around too. 
We are now starting some new treatments in Fargo.  He will begin doing hyperbaric oxygen therapy this week.  This involves Trevor laying in a chamber enriched with oxygen under pressure to allow the body to take in more oxygen to be delivered to damaged tissue to aid in healing this tissue. This procedure is FDA approved for about 13 different diagnoses, but injuries such as Trevor’s is not one of them.  However, there has been many testimonies and case studies showing improvements for head injuries and other conditions.  We have decided we need to give this a try even if it is not covered by health insurance, and there really aren’t any serious risks to the treatments if they are done appropriately.  We need to thank everyone again who has helped in any way to make this feasible to do. 
Trevor’s recovery is still a long and slow grind, but we do notice improvements in his strength and balance and awareness.  We continue to hope and pray his progress continues and he can some day give us all words of encouragement again like he is so good at.  

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