Honor Trevor

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12 Tribute Donations

“Love &, Friendship to: Melinda, Todd, Morgan and Trevor Tredaway”

— Michael Manning

“In honor of Trevor Tredaway”

— Judy Martin

“In honor of Trevor Tredaway, a young man who has so much courage and strength. I love his laughter and smile!”

— Debra Hostas

“For my buddy, Trevor who always brings fun and laughter to everyone he meets!”

— Michael Manning

“In honor of Trevor Tredaway, we pray for you and your family everyday, YOU WILL get better. God Bless.”

— John and Agnes Holtsinger, Emory , TX.

“In honor of Trevor Tredaway”

— Gloves Etc

“Go get 'em Trevor! Praying for you, your momma, your daddy and your doctors. From Harrison's Ghigie and Pops.”

— Steve and Lucille Vaughan

“I read about Trevor at Michael Manning's blog. Big hugs to the little guy.. and very best thoughts.”

— Hilary Quint

“In support of my friend Trevor Tredaway!”

— Michael N. Manning

“A small donation to help a good ol' Midland boy.”

— Mr. Clay Johnston