Honor Trevor

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Michael Manning

Gifted by Michael Manning

“Love &, Friendship to: Melinda, Todd, Morgan and Trevor Tredaway”

Gifted by Judy Martin

“In honor of Trevor Tredaway”

Gifted by Debra Hostas

“In honor of Trevor Tredaway, a young man who has so much courage and strength. I love his laughter and smile!”

Gifted by Michael Manning

“For my buddy, Trevor who always brings fun and laughter to everyone he meets!”
John and Agnes Holtsinger, Emory , TX.

Gifted by John and Agnes Holtsinger, Emory , TX.

“In honor of Trevor Tredaway, we pray for you and your family everyday, YOU WILL get better. God Bless.”

Gifted by Gloves Etc

“In honor of Trevor Tredaway”
Steve and Lucille Vaughan

Gifted by Steve and Lucille Vaughan

“Go get 'em Trevor! Praying for you, your momma, your daddy and your doctors. From Harrison's Ghigie and Pops.”

Gifted by Hilary Quint

“I read about Trevor at Michael Manning's blog. Big hugs to the little guy.. and very best thoughts.”

Gifted by Michael N. Manning

“In support of my friend Trevor Tredaway!”

Gifted by Mr. Clay Johnston

“A small donation to help a good ol' Midland boy.”