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life; back to reality! Well, sort of...and this song has been in my head all morning.  Today, Travis went to work for their weekly meeting for the first time.  It was good.  Really good. For him, and I think for his amazingly supportive coworkers.   Travis is ridiculously blessed to work with an amazing group of people.  All lovers of Jesus.  All washed in the blood.  All such an integral and supportive group of people that I too, have been very blessed to get to know over the last six weeks.  Words alone will never truly covey just how much of a blessing their prayers, texts, and encouragement have been to Travis...and to me.  

Since Travis isn’t driving yet, I took him in today for a couple of hours.  I know he felt great to be back with his work family.  I know they loved having him there today.   The most amazing, and truly God-breathed part of this...Travis had only been with this company a few weeks before pancreatitis rocked his world!!  They could’ve chosen any other road to travel, and I do mean any, but...I get overwhelmed just thinking about it...they choose to not just rally around this young man they’d just hired, but they also issued a battle cry to the throne of heaven itself!  They’ve prayed. They’ve cheered. They’ve shared updates with their listeners.  They’ve encouraged me in more ways I can ever describe these last several weeks by their texts, comments and encouragement.  They have exemplified the very example of Jesus in every way! ❤️🙌  

Before we even got into the station, one of Travis’ co-workers met us in the parking lot.   The very first thing he did was hug Travis and speak a declarational prayer over Travis.  It was beautiful!  Inside, the beaming grins, the “I knew you’d be here today” comment, the reassurances to me that he’d be well taken care of while I went for coffee/breakfast with a friend.   This...all of this...my heart ❤️ .... 

If you are interested in listening to, and supporting this great group of people, please go over to https://www.q90fm.com/ and listen. They love to have you there. ❤️

And I have to share this funny little anecdote of the morning.  After breakfast/coffee, my friend and I went over to the station.  We were only a couple of miles from there, and there is a field there where her gorgeous Rottweiler could run for a few minutes.  Well, we couldn’t be there and have her not see Travis, so after her sweet puppy (ok, big dog) ran for a few minutes, we went inside.  I guess I should have warned her how skinny Travis is now.  It was SO adorable and I love that with “you’re  so skinny” came “I’m so happy your doing better”.  She loves my kids.  I love her kids.  We’ve watched them all go through the “thrill-seeking teens” together.  We’ve shared many of our kids adventures together, and I’m ridiculously blessed that she is my friend. ❤️

In fact, I’m blessed to call everyone who is reading these posts friend...as is Travis.   Some of you, myself or Travis may have never met, but you’ve been a friend through all of this “adventure “.  Thank you.  As shallow as it sounds, know that ‘thank you’ is bigger than I can explain. ❤️

This week is a bit of a break from doctors appointments, but next week he’ll be back at it with four of the five days have appointments.  It’ll be a busy week, but I fully believe it is going to be another week of great reports!  Thank you for your continued support, prayers and encouragement.  We love you all! ❤️ 

Mama (Bear) Kunze

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  • Mr. & Mrs. Crean : What wonderful news!!! Thank you, Jesus... Prayers will continue. 💜💜💞💞💜💜
  • Marianne Diedrich : I'm so happy to hear all about his recovery and progress. What a wonderful support system he has!