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Journal entry by Travis Kunze

Hey folks! I hope you are all doing well! I know I haven’t made a lot of noise, and honestly it is because I have been beyond busy, or exhausted, or both.

I have come a long way in recovery since being in the hospital. For the most part I have come back to a mostly normal physical state. I have regained a lot of the muscle that I lost, or at least am seeing the progress of the muscle returning. This also means I am getting stronger again though still limited as I begin the next part of my journey. Monday I will be having Shoulder Surgery (God Willing) as I have finally got most of the approval needed. The only result I am waiting for is the oh so obnoxious pre-surgery COVID test. (I’ll be nice and not go any further than that...)

What does this surgery entail? I will be having a partial shoulder replacement because of dead bone in my shoulder. It is believed that the dead bone is caused by a lack of blood flow which could have been caused by having been on steroids for 9 months because of the AVM brain condition I dealt with, that was to prevent seizures.

After having this surgery, I will have 6 weeks in which my arm will be kept in a brace, 4 weeks I will start physical therapy, twice a week that will go for 4-6 months. After I get through physical therapy my desire is to focus on getting in better physical, mental, and spiritual health. Physically I intend to go through a specific physical training plan that is a part of the physical therapy program to help you get started in that journey to rebuild your body. Then from there I’d like to get a personal trainer and continue to get in better physical shape. I’m thinking maybe Chris Hemsworth level. Already been working on rocking his hairstyle. 😊

I am already working on the mental state. Speaking with a therapist, and working through some issues I’ve held deep inside, as well as are fresh from recent experiences. The spiritual battle has been on hold for a while. I used to have an incredibly deep relationship with God. It wouldn’t take much, and I would feel His presence surrounding me, I would hear His words clearly, and I would be guided by the Holy Spirit like He was standing there right next to me physically. Ever since dealing with the AVM I have had issues with my spiritual walk with God. I have struggled to stay connected with scripture, and I dealt with my church becoming a cult after a new Pastor took over around the same time period.

All of this being said, I know I have an immense journey ahead of me. I know I need to dig deep, and surrender the issues I’m facing, and have faced and held onto from the past. I am discovering that I’ve been holding on to issues that I didn’t even remember being an issue to begin with. I have been blessed with my parents helping me to identify these issues and begin to focus on restoring myself. I have so many goals, and dreams that will be impossible to accomplish until I have taken care of myself first.

I am sorry that it may seem like I am going all over the place, but a lot of times when I start to write it becomes a bit of a dumping ground.

Thank you for all your continued prayer and support. I have had the opportunity to meet and get to talk with some of the individuals and families who have heard about the experience I’ve been through most recently this year, and who have been praying for me. It is truly a humbling experience to meet and get to hear how my testimony is helping them, and how I have been a blessing to them as I’ve gotten through the battle I’ve faced. Be blessed!

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